Where can I find a training in online marketing?

Question by Mary Ann: Where can I find a training in online marketing?
I would like to learn how to advertise on the internet e.g. on search engines and with banners.

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Answer by Exceptional Escapades
It is very smart that you are asking this question. I wanted to figure things out for myself and I wasted a lot of valuable time in doing so. I looked at several training programs ranging from free to around $ 10,000. The one I liked the best was one of the most inexpensive and it was Renegade University. They have step-by-step training tutorials in subjects like social marketing, traffic exchanges, ezine, google adwords, content sharing, articles, video sharing, blogging, and much, much, more. They really help you take out all of the guess work out of making money on the internet. You can even test drive Renegade University for free. Check it out.

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