What’s the best way to advertise local B2B services online on a very low budget?

Question by marketingnube: What’s the best way to advertise local B2B services online on a very low budget?
I just revamped the company website, came up with a take a survey and you could win a gift card giveaway, & launched an adwords campaign, but have virtually no traffic to the site and very little funds to get it there… Any ideas on other PPC (no/low min spend) or anything else that could give me a boost? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Claudiomar
Hi Marketingnube,

Let’s consider your company website as a shop and all companies that could be buying from you as a person in your town.

We could organize this market in 6 different categories:
a) Recommenders
b) People buying more than once.
c) First time buyers
d) Enters
e) People passing by
f) Others

What you need to do is to come up with actions to move people from a category to the next.
Now, remember that you have different level of information about the people in each category; that makes it possible, and recommendable to treat people in each category in a different way.
As you can see, your web site may not help you much on moving people from category “f” to category “e”; but it can be pretty effective on moving people form category “e” into “d” and soon.
Here are some actions that can help you in each category:
From “f” to “e”:
-Advertise in local news papers, local radios, sponsor local schools teams, etc
From “e” to “d”:
-The advertises above will already drive some people to visit your site but you can get even more traffic with the next actions:
-Social Media Marketing -> you need to be active in forums, have a Facebook account for your company, have a twitter account, have a blog and keep it updated.
From “d” to “c”
-You need to give something: show the benefits and features of your product or service, test drive, try it for free, discounts, etc. But, just giving it away may not be enough. You might need to communicate what you are giving. That’s what the next action can help you with.
-Have a news letter; put your promotions in your website or blog. Use twitter to promote the discounts, etc.
From “c” to “b”
-In most cases, it has a lot to do with customer services.

I hope it helps!

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