What should i include in my web design portfolio?

Question by Hercules: What should i include in my web design portfolio?
I just finish a wed design training course now I need to prepare CV. What should i include in it it’s a web design cv i dont know what put in it help please

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Answer by jf
First off, people want to see what you can actually do, not what you say you’ve learned to do. So you want to put down as much experience as you can (so any links you have showcasing your skills). If all you have is your own site, then go with that, its better than nothing.

After that, you need to outline your “skills.” Do you know HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, java, javascript, Flash, Action Script, Silverlight, etc.? Make people aware of how wide your skill set is/isn’t. Be honest, it’ll give you a more realistic shot at getting (and keeping) a job.

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