What is best email marketing company for a small business?

Question by : What is best email marketing company for a small business?
I’m looking to send monthly newsletters to my customers. I’m not a techie and just want to send a few simple emails. An easy to use program/service is my most important consideration, with affordability a close second. I have the emails, (I don’t need a list). What I need is the service/function.

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I know of a couple of options:

1) Constant Contact (http://www/constantcontact.com) – their plans start at $ 15/month for 500 e-mails per month.

2) Cooler E-mail (http://www.cooleremail.com) – starts at $ 19.95 for 250 e-mails per month.

I believe both of these services walk you through setting up your e-mail in HTML (if you want to).

Do you have a website for your business?
Even if you aren’t a “techie”, you can build a basic site which would give your business even more exposure. The company that I built my site through also offers e-mail marketing and it is included in the price of the web service. They also have a block-by-block site builder so you don’t need to know HTML and they submit all of your pages to the search engines so you get traffic more quickly. If you want to see the site I built with the block-by-block builder (with very little HTML knowledge) and find out about the web service/e-mail marketing, go to http://www.eatingwithfoodallergies.com/aboutthissite.html

Good luck!

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