What is a quality web site design company in Rhode Island?

Question by Matty Mo: What is a quality web site design company in Rhode Island?
I need to create a website for my hotel and restaurant, but I don”t want to use a big agency. I’m located in Newport, Rhode Island, and am looking for a local company to help me create a site. They would probably also need to help me with internet marketing — stuff I know nothing about.

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Answer by John F
I’m a retailer in Providence and I’ve worked with a small company called Pirata Media in Bristol, RI. They gave me a lot of time and attention, and didn’t use any smoke and mirrors, like some big web companies do.

They know what they’re talking about too! They helped me with some video production I needed, as well as some pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization (which I’ll admit I knew nothing about either).

Overall, a great company with professional, high quality work for an extremely reasonable price. Also friendly, and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

This is their site: http://www.piratamedia.com

Good luck!

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