What is a good and catchy SEO consulting name?

Question by prkswllflwr: What is a good and catchy SEO consulting name?
I work doing the online marketing side of search engine optimization–for those who don’t know, SEO is a way to gain higher results for certain keywords when you search in Google. So, your company would come to me and say “Hey, what is UP with this? I am the best at hospital software coding in the country, but when someone Google’s “hospital software coding”–I come up on the second page!

Well, I work doing online marketing to help people / small businesses get higher results through legit ways set by Google. Soon, I will be hiring a programmer to help program the sites for SEO.

FINALLY: the question: what is a good business name that is also open to buy as a domain? I liked “www.successinseo.com”, “www.successwithseo.com” and those were taken. Any ideas?

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Answer by Harry Fella
Haha, www.seooptimisation.com – giving to me by the catagory of this question =P

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