What are businesses looking for in an e-commerce web solution?

Question by eshopcreator: What are businesses looking for in an e-commerce web solution?
As a small business what features in both the product and the company providing the solution are you loooking for? Would you prefer a completely designed solution or a self build option? How would you relate price to service, which is most important to you?

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I’d prefer some options of having basics I can build up on, so I don’t just get a ready to go solution,but can retain some control over what happens in the future, such as updating/changing products, changing prices, having different specials in different seasons, changing colours if need be e.g. use more green and red for Christmas time. Also I’d like both on-line help and FAQ’s and option to talk to someone if something is not clear. I’d like to be able to have advertising and traffic driven to my website done by the same company if possible, but not just basic stuff, someone who knows where my type of products are searched for, a bit more of a marketing package as well, that I can build upon as time progresses and I hopefully earn more so I can spend more on more ads, listings etc.

So it would look like I want to be able to choose ‘blocks’ and add and take away and pay only for what i want used at the time… Both price and service is important to me, as I know that potentially I can bring more business, even through referrals, but I don’t want to have to do formal referrals and ‘point’ collecting thing as I don’t care if I’m rewarded for referrals, I just want to get great service and flexible product… hope this helps, good luck…

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