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Ian Rogers of TopSpin Media stops by to discuss some of the early freemium music services such as Yahoo’s Launch, and how that has changed forms to services like Spotify and Turntable.fm of today. We’d like to thank our sponsors Fenwick & West and Assistly. Go to Assistly.com/VC for an exclusive This Week in Venture Capital special offer. For more, visit thisweekin.com and for more of Ian Rogers, catch him host This Week in Music every Friday at 4pm PST: www.youtube.com 03:00 – Introduction to Ian Rogers and going over his background in computers & music 05:00 – Ian discusses his obsession with music in a young age at Indiana University 06:00 – How the internet helped connect people, not just for nerds! 07:00 – Newsgroups having FAQ’s: Are they still important? 08:30 – Managing the FAQ for the Beastie Boys in the late 90s 09:30 – How Ian got connected with the Beastie Boys and got dubbed “The Fourth Beastie Boy” 11:00 – Ian Rogers moonlighting as the manager for the Beastie Boys 12:00 – Turning a design company into a web design company. 17:00 – Taking the small Beastie Boys website to the big leagues. 20:00 – Going from Beastie Boys to Yahoo! 22:00 – Integrating the Cloud with music 24:00 – Yahoo built the first /month music service with Yahoo! Music Unlimited 26:00 – Media 1.0 vs. Media 2.0 30:00 – Publishing content on YouTube and creating content for TV: Which is more efficient? 31:00 – VC’s still thing Video Games are a hot commodity 32:00 – Publishers directing
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