Tips on Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Business with Li Evans

In this video interview, social media expert Liana ‘Li’ Evans offers several introductory tips that will help your business get going on Facebook. First, says Evans, you need to decide whether to set up a personal or business page. Do you want to mix your business life with your child’s soccer pictures? Now you’ll want to get 25 “fans” so you can get a vanity URL that helps you promote your page on Facebook. A vanity URL would look like Fans and friends are similar, Evans explains. But previously if people were attracted to a page they would “fan” it, now they “like” it. Numbers of fans are unlimited, while friends are limited to 5000. A business Facebook page whould include such elements as business hours, URL, contact information, and other social media platforms where your business is active. In addition, post photos and videos. Facebook is a personal medium that seeks to engage people as people, since people want to connect with people, not with brick-and-mortar. People don’t like to be “marketed to” in social media channels. If you have a blog, link to it, both with automation and with manual engagement. is a tool that will automatically distribute your blog content to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Liana “Li” Evans is the co-founder of LiBeck Integrated Marketing, that helps clients integrate all marketing channels, including social media, SEO, PPC, as well as offline marketing. Li is the author of
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