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How do you write an proposal for a television show to the CEO of a company?

Question by Z S: How do you write an proposal for a television show to the CEO of a company?
Hello everyone…I am trying to write a proposal for my idea to the Sony Television Company (southasia) and I dont know where to start. Any suggestions? I have all the connections for the tv show but I need to write it out as a proposal. Maybe a book? or example?

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Answer by Brave
Offer your proposal with broad outline / bird’s eye views. Total proposal can be attached to the covering letter of proposal.

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02 2013

How much to charge to write a company history?

Question by pwthrby: How much to charge to write a company history?
This is for all you freelance commercial writers out there. How would you determine how much time (and thus $ $ $ ) it would take to conduct interviews, review news articles and photos, compile notes, write and produce a company history? The company in question is 47 years old, 700 employees and did $ 550 million in revenues last year. They are intending to produce 1500 finished copies of the history. How can I figure out what would be a fair and reasonable bid to make on the project?

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Answer by simplydelegate
This type of assignment would also be handled by virtual assistants. VAs charge between $ 25 and $ 75 an hour, depending on the level of difficulty of the project (i.e. web design or marketing would be more whereas word processing would be less)and the experience of the VA. I would estimate how many interviews you are likely to give, the basic interview outline, research time, and copywrighting time involved. Do you have any guidelines regarding detail or length of report?

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11 2012

Article Creator Software that Helps to Write Articles in Minutes!

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09 2012

How To Write An Article – What You NEED To Know A quick explanation of the writing process and what you need to do. How to write an article – exactly what you should be doing and how. I make a reference to a blog post which can be found on our blog http How to write an article, explained perfectly and check out the blog post if you’re still having trouble with formatting. We’ll also teach you how to write an article fast (double bonus for you speedy typers!) Keep an eye out as we feature more and more series, tutorials and information on how to write an article and other internet marketing related subjects. Post your feedback and tell us what you want to see!


08 2012

How To Write The Perfect Press Release – Condensed – For years, the simple printed press release has been one of the primary tools used by marketing and public relations professionals to share newsworthy events with the radio, television and print media. This video will help you understand how to write the perfect traditional press release.


08 2012

How could I write an attractive marketing message to use it in email marketing?

Question by Sammora: How could I write an attractive marketing message to use it in email marketing?
I’m working as a web marketer in an arabian web solutions company, so I have to write a message to use it in email marketing … and I wish if you have an examples for these messages … thanks

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Answer by brodan
You will need some training and a lot of practice. Email promos cannot be taught in one sitting.

Even if you are good at writing, email promos would still be different. There are techniques involved that are specially geared for Internet users.

You need to master creating great headlines. openings. body copy..even the P.S.

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07 2012

am starting an entertainment marketing site and am seeking coooperate sponsourship,what do i write in the pro

Question by djdamion69: am starting an entertainment marketing site and am seeking coooperate sponsourship,what do i write in the pro
i want to write a winning proposal to these companies what i will be doing is web advertising and marketing in a tourism envoironment never done this before.

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Answer by

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06 2012

I need to write a Marketing Plan for school. Where to look?

Question by O.J. Mayo: I need to write a Marketing Plan for school. Where to look?
I dont know were to start. Searched the net, and there are no examples of an marketing plan for any company. It has to be 10 pages, I could write like 3 but I cant make up information 10 pages long.
Where should I look for decent marketing plans for international companies?

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Answer by Biz Advisor
Do a search for sample marketing plans – lots of work will come up. To create your own plan, look for marketing plan templates or a marketing plan outline – and follow it.

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05 2012

Google AdWords Tutorials 6 – How To Write Your Google AdWords Ads The basic steps to understanding Google AdWords ads: why do they look alike, how to generate more traffic and improve your click-through rate, by writing better ads. We cover the basics of writing an ad in our video “How To Setup Your First AdWords Account”. This video will tell you why ad copy is so important and how to write AdWords ads that will bring you a high click-through rate and at a lower cost per click.
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03 2012

How To Write a Review On Google Places / Maps – This 5 minute video shows you how you can write a review on Google Places Maps for a local business in under 5 minutes. Reviews help your local businesses prosper – Give your local businesses some review love! It only takes 5 minutes 🙂 For more information on Local Search Marketing visit our blog:
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01 2012

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