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Keyword Research Module I: How to Use Wordtracker to Build Keyword Lists Jed Jones shows you how to use a top keyword research tool, WordTracker, to find tons of keywords for your website, article marketing campaign, SEO, or PPC campaign. Offers a simple, step-by-step set of instructions. http
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11 2012

How to SEO your web page – Wordtracker video

The video is about optimizing your web page for a search engine. You will learn about seven aspects of good SEO such as title tags, meta description, header tags, alt tags, diversity of keywords, content relevancy and links that are reputable. Watch more SEO videos at: For a free 7 day trial please sign up at:
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09 2012

Keyword Research Module II: How to Use Wordtracker to Find Keywords for eZine Articles Jed continues where Module I left off. He shows how to use the “Competition Search” feature on Wordtracker to hand-pick ideal keywords to be used in articles that have a very strong change of ranking well on top search engines like Google and Yahoo! The keyword research techniques showcased herein are very useful for improving the performance of your SEO, PPC article marketing, and website design efforts.
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06 2012

Anyone use Wordtracker for SEO or marketing research.?

Question by text avitar: Anyone use Wordtracker for SEO or marketing research.?
How does it compare to google’ free tool. Are there other tools worth looking at?

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Answer by SEO DON
You know the old adage, you get what yo pay for? The free tool provided by Google provides only an approximation of keyword usage statistics and their numbers are related to keyword popularity in the context of PPC campaigns – very unreliable in terms of developing a keyword list for organic results. There are other services out there – the old standby,, finally crapped out and now redirects you to some Yahoo small business marketing scheme. Wordtracker is one of the best out there and well worth the money if you are serious about SEO. But don’t take my word for it – try out the free version at

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06 2012

Free Keyword Research Tools: Google Adwords | Wordtracker

How to use Google Adwords External Keyword tool and Wordtracker Free keyword research tools to analyze keywords for PPC and pay-per-click advertising.
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03 2012

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