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Remove ZAccess Rootkit and Other Malware / Virus Infections From Computer by Britec

Remove ZAccess Rootkit and Other Malware / Virus Infections From Computer by Britec ZeroAccess rootkit, also known as Max++, is a nasty piece of malware which is designed to start its persistent campaign just after infiltration. The infiltration of this malware is quite simple and done through security holes together with infected downloads, often Adobe Reader or Java fake updates. It can be said that additional purpose of ZeroAccess rootkit is to set up a stealthy, undetectable and un-removable platform which should help to download malware into the target PC. As you can see, it’s a rootkit which is advanced and sophisticated. ZeroAccess rootkit is quite similar to TDSS rootkit, and shares both functionality and even some portions of code. They both hide from anti-malware program scans, stop legitimate programs from working by killing their processes or stopping them from execution. In fact, it is quite hard to distinguish between these two trojans for the victim without a scan. Zero Access is one of the trojans responsible for hijacked Google results. The symptoms are search engine search results and various other pages redirecting to pages promoting various products, unrelated to searches. Additionally, 0Access might block legitimate anti-malware and antivirus vendor sites. Zero Access is used for multiple malicious purposes. The first purpose is stopping legitimate anti-virus programs from execution and thus limiting chances for removal. The second purpose is making
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09 2012

19th Aug 08: Google thinks I’m a virus

19th Aug 08: Google thinks I’m a virus
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Image by Kaiesh
Google has started "protecting" itself from automated queries so that it can be sure of the quality of the pile of search queries that it is harvesting.

I’m clearly not the only one suffering this.

Immediate guesses, and pure speculation, lead me to think that it’s maybe because they’re suffering from lower click throughs, and thus potentially lower earnings. The boffins in the Googleplex may be attributing this to the number of automated queries that are being thrown at their engine for privacy and various other reasons, that could be skewing their data mining results due to data pollution.

I tried putting up with it for a while, but I’ve switched to Yahoo Search as a result (as it’s a simple toggle in Firefox). I didn’t expect it to go away, as I run Tor and TrackMeNot – both of which I am unwilling to disable.

Having to enter a captcha to verify my human authenticity actually overrides any benefits from running TMN (not necessarily Tor though), and so switching makes sense if they’re going to forbid automation.

Unfortunately, I can see why their doing it to "protect customers", as it is also possible for malicious persons to skew page ranks by running automated queries for numerous search terms, and simulate a click on their own target result, thus elevating the search ranking.

However, for as long as they wish to log and harvest my search history, and not let me pollute the database with that log, I’ll be taking my business elseware.


08 2011

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