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Youtube Geyser 1st VideoTraffic Marketing Solution YouTube is an example of how social networking and connecting with people work today. It is a social networking style where people from around the planet put videos online. Sure, a lot of it is boring and even amateurish, but there’s quite a bit of good, relevant information that every enterprising entrepreneur would benefit from watching. YouTube is a great way to test your ideas. In the past, you had to spend quite a bit of money on expensive testing systems. But today, you can use services like YouTube to perform those same types of tests much more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. YouTube has the potential of being an integral part of any small business marketing. How to Use YouTube for Marketing Here are some ways you can use YouTube to attract new customers. This is one of the best ways to build relationship marketing for your company. I’ve been using it diligently for more than a year now and have seen solid business results (more sales!). I’ve also gained some knowledge that can help you in your marketing. Here are a few tips: * Talk about topics that are relevant to your market. This might be something highly specific to an important group of people (like your customers). Make sure you provide them with information that they don’t already know. Don’t just give a book report full of stuff everyone has already heard. Make it unique. Tell your stories. Be creative and innovative in your approach. * Make it fun (or even funny). We like


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Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions