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– Venture Capital – Dmitry Shapiro, Founder of AnyBeat

This week, Mark takes on the changes of both Facebook and Netflix, as the internet is in “construction mode”. He welcomes AnyBeat founder Dmitry Shapiro, who has some experience in the internet video/multimedia space with both Veoh and MySpace Music. The two discuss the waning of anonymity on the internet, and the birth of a new term the two coined, called “Pseudonimity”. Mark also puts his two cents in on the Netflix change and the creation fo Qwikster. We’d like to thank our sponsors Fenwick & West and Assistly. Go to for an exclusive This Week in Venture Capital special offer. For more, visit “00:20 Mark’s cold open on today’s guest taking on Facebook 01:45 Mark introduces guest Dmitry Shapiro and discusses his history with Akonix, Veoh, and WeekendU 07:00 Worrying about losing control of a company. 08:30 Coaching people in avoiding loss of control 09:15 Mark’s cynicism towards young entrepreneurs 11:00 Being a good actor in the world of Venture Capital 12:20 “”You have to do the stuff you love””-Dmitry Shapiro 12:45 Mark talks Assistly’s purchase by SalesForce for million 15:45 Creating the idea of Veoh – Building a TV broadcasting system over the internet 17:00 Building one’s own p2p network without bitTorrent 18:00 Problems raising money in the video space 20:00 “”Nobody is ever going to want to watch video on the internet”” 22:43 How ridiculous it is that Yahoo doesn’t have an answer to YouTube 25:00 Veoh vs Copyright Infringement
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03 2013

– Venture Capital – Charles Best of

This week Mark speaks with the founder of a great new up and coming company, Founded just a few years ago, the company has been featured by the likes of Oprah, Steven Colbert, and many other multimedia platforms. Mark discussed the company and their mission with founder Charles Best. We’d like to thank our sponsors Fenwick & West and Assistly. Go to for an exclusive This Week in Venture Capital special offer. For more information, visit and for more episodes of Venture Capital, subscribe at
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03 2013

– Venture Capital – This Week in Venture Capital – Chamillionaire, Musician and CEO of Chamilitary Entertainment

This week, host Mark Suster welcomes rapper, singer and entrepreneur Chamillionaire. The chart-topping artist behind hits like “Turn It Up” and “Ridin” also has a successful track record in business, owning his own tour bus company, his record label (Chamilitary Entertainment) and co-founding a Houston-based auto dealer, Fly Rydes. For more information, show notes and an upcoming schedule, go to


09 2012

– Venture Capital – This Week in Venture Capital – Kelly Hwang, Associate at GRP

This week we have Kelly Hwang, Associate at GRP. For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to Mark Suster hosts This Week in Venture Capital. The following is from Mark Suster’s post on How VC’s Calculate Valuation: We walked through a standard deal where you raise million at a million pre-money valuation leading to a million post money valuation. The math works out that the investor owns 25% of the company post deal ( million invested / million valuation) and assuming 1 million shares, each share would be valued at / share (00000 pre-money / 1 million shares = / share). Investors own 25%, the founders own 75%. NOTE: In the video I talked about how VC’s and entrepreneurs decide the total number of shares at the first major funding round and why it’s often a high number. But this example above is all entrepreneur math, not the VC’s. The VC assumes you’ll have an option pool. That’s normal. You’ll need to hire and retain talen to grow your company. Those options need to come from somewhere. The more senior members you have (say you already have a CEO, CTO, VP marketing, VP Biz Dev, VP Products) then the less options you’ll need and vice versa. Industry standard post your first round of funding will be 15-20%. I say “post” funding because you’ll need more than this amount pre-funding to get to this number after funding. We walk through this in the video. To view the more detailed
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09 2012

– Venture Capital – Ian Rogers, Founder of TopSpin Media

Ian Rogers of TopSpin Media stops by to discuss some of the early freemium music services such as Yahoo’s Launch, and how that has changed forms to services like Spotify and of today. We’d like to thank our sponsors Fenwick & West and Assistly. Go to for an exclusive This Week in Venture Capital special offer. For more, visit and for more of Ian Rogers, catch him host This Week in Music every Friday at 4pm PST: 03:00 – Introduction to Ian Rogers and going over his background in computers & music 05:00 – Ian discusses his obsession with music in a young age at Indiana University 06:00 – How the internet helped connect people, not just for nerds! 07:00 – Newsgroups having FAQ’s: Are they still important? 08:30 – Managing the FAQ for the Beastie Boys in the late 90s 09:30 – How Ian got connected with the Beastie Boys and got dubbed “The Fourth Beastie Boy” 11:00 – Ian Rogers moonlighting as the manager for the Beastie Boys 12:00 – Turning a design company into a web design company. 17:00 – Taking the small Beastie Boys website to the big leagues. 20:00 – Going from Beastie Boys to Yahoo! 22:00 – Integrating the Cloud with music 24:00 – Yahoo built the first /month music service with Yahoo! Music Unlimited 26:00 – Media 1.0 vs. Media 2.0 30:00 – Publishing content on YouTube and creating content for TV: Which is more efficient? 31:00 – VC’s still thing Video Games are a hot commodity 32:00 – Publishers directing
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07 2012

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06 2012

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05 2012

– Venture Capital – Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz

Ever want to know exactly how SEO works and what it takes to master it? That’s exactly what Mark Suster breaks down today with his guest Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder of the web’s most popular SEO Software provider; SEOmoz. Rand explains how he built SEOmoz, what it takes to run a successful online company through optimizing search results, and what kind of an effect Google’s Panda update had on his life. We’d like to thank our sponsors Fenwick & West and Assistly. Go to for an exclusive This Week in Venture Capital special offer. For more episodes and a full schedule, visit


12 2011

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11 2011

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