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how many people are having trouble with unwanted redirects when using the yahoo search engine?

Question by everymansmedium: how many people are having trouble with unwanted redirects when using the yahoo search engine?
The unwanted redirects are going to a company that does pay per click advertising. I think that advertising done this way is so negative that it will result with negative results. It will from me anyway. If this was something that I normally would buy, I would stop buying it.
It is causing the yahoo search engine to become usless.
Is there a way to stop these redirect links?
John EMM

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Answer by Mahfuz
Seems like you’ve got some virus on your computer, run a scan or try system restore to the last time it worked. This shouldn’t happen with yahoo search, see if your google links do it too, or any other website. I’m not really an expert on removing them, but system restore worked for me in the past. Start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > System Restore.

It’s pretty straight forward from there, good luck 🙂

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09 2012

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07 2012

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