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Top Internet Marketing Trends in 2012 – National Positions – Webinar from Jan 18, 2012

The CEO of National Positions, Bernard May speaks about the top internet marketing trends in 2012 and how we can utilize these channels to grow your business.
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10 2012

Technology News | Tablets kick-start tech trends for 2011 at CES

Have you heard the latest Technology News? Asus, the company who are credited with kickstarting the netbook market plan to launch four more devices at this years CES show to be held in Las Vegas 6th to 9th January. Jonney Shih, chairman of Asus credited Apple with kick sta`rting the tablet market as he unveiled his new gadgets that all run on Google’s Android operating system and Microsoft’s Windows 7. Similarly Linovo showed a 10 inch android powered tablet that also runs Windows. It seems that over 80 tablets will unveiled at this years CES show It seems that many of the devices shown will not make it to the market as the first test is their success at CES – with so many tablets being displayed, there is going to be a lot of competition. It is expected that many of the tablets will actually be sold at below cost on the expectation that sales will be made of ebooks. It appears that tablets are becoming smarter as the mobile technology allows for data to gathered and then more easily distributed. For instance body monitors pipe data they collect through exercise by phone to help people get the most out of their workout. Indeed, smartphone technology is shifting trends in consumer technology and being found in cameras and googles worn by skiers and snowboarders. For more Technology News please subscribe to our YouTubeChannel! If you would like to get the latest on how to combine Search, Social Media and Video to get a 40% boost to you next film, event or album launch get


09 2012

Market research – how to get better results: customer insight, consumer trends – Marketing Keynote Customers suddenly change behaviour. Customer insight, consumer trends analysis – marketing keynote speaker. New technology, social media, smartphones, mobile marketing, multichannel marketing and mobile phone companies. Marketing trends in Banks, banking, insurers,…
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07 2012

Google Trends Chart for 2012 – 2004-2009

Google Trends Chart for 2012 – 2004-2009
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Image by DavidErickson
Read: Movie Marketing Online: 2012.


01 2012

What are some search trends on your radar?

What are some of the things on your radar, or some of the trends in search you’d like to talk about? -Danny Sullivan Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:


11 2011

SEO Trends – What 2011 Applies for Us?

Question by Ain Bel: SEO Trends – What 2011 Applies for Us?
Search engine optimization is the organic way of promoting your business at major search engines for the purpose of getting higher ranks. The rate at which businesses are emerging on the World Wide Web is great and same is the demand of having standard web marketing strategies. 2010 has seen strong influence on SEO services for effective website promotion.Here is the site where you find trends to be followed in 2011.

Best answer:

Answer by Umesh T
But now goolge top results are dominated by sites having higher links than site having good quality content.

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10 2011

Hotel Travel Industry Search Trends by Google’s Matt Cutts – Part 2.1

Milestone Internet Marketing is a full-service internet marketing company for the travel and hospitality industry interviews Matt Cutts from Google. The topic of this conversation was the impact of Hotel Travel Industry Search Trends.


08 2011

Churchill Club Top Ten Tech Trends

Churchill Club Top Ten Tech Trends
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Image by jurvetson
Tony Perkins whooping it up last night…. (CNET recap, paddle vote summary, and video segment)

Here are the tends we debated, with one trend from each speaker, interspersed with five crowdsourced trends (as measured by funding, IP, and press mentions) – that the “wisdom of the crowds” suggests as the most important. At the end, Tony Perkins and Jason Pontin contribute their own bonus trends that they actually believe in.

1) Joe Schoendorf: The Millennials Are Here. Everything is changing. Rapidly!
This month will be the first college graduating class whose members do not recall life off line. For openers, they do not read newspapers. This group will drive the greatest wave of disruption ever witnessed

2) Crowd: Advanced batteries will be the most popular alternative energy investment in ‘09 and ’10 – and in the medium term will provide the best returns.

3) Ann Winblad: The unstructured data deluge creates the next great information leaders. Every click, message, tweet is rich data amassed at exponential rates. Gartner predicts enterprise data growth of 650 percent in five years; 80 percent of that data will be unstructured.

4) Crowd: Wireless broadband will be one of the only IT sectors to see increased funding this year and in the near future – fueled by demand for faster, better networking, but also by government subsidies.

5) Vinod Khosla: "Maintech" not "Cleantech": Capitalism based increasing carbon efficiency of global GDP. Carbon emissions per $ /GDP are driven down by technology, creating massive new opportunities and disrupting traditional energy/infrastructure; innovations in lighting, engines, appliances, water, plastics, cement, glass and steel help fossilize our fossil fuel reliance.

6) Crowd: Power and efficiency management services will see a flowering of investment and innovation, as we realize we cannot have an alternative energy future without a smarter infrastructure. Again, government handouts don’t hurt either

7) Steve Jurvetson: The triumph of the distributed web. Innovation advances at the edge, not in the warm data center. The aggregate power of widely distributed human activity will trump the centralized content, telecom and search businesses of the past.

8) Crowd: Healthcare administration software will the fastest growing sector of B2B software in ‘09 and ‘10, driven by our national imperative to reign in escalating healthcare costs

9) Ram Shriram: Consumption of digital goods on mobile devices is THE growth story of the coming decade. There are presently four times as many mobile subscribers as there are PCs in use worldwide. Emerging markets comprise the majority of the world’s mobile users, and are not only the fastest-growing, but also show the largest interest in data services over mobile devices. Greater availability of broadband wireless will spur the adoption of many new and existing applications: email, voice, personal productivity, micro-blogging, games, entertainment/video, transactions, micro-payments, camera/image apps, location-based apps and many more.

10) Crowd: Electronic displays will prove the hottest investment in hardware this year and the next, as startups compete to create the thin, flexible, colorful screens of the future.

Tony Perkins and Jason Pontin BONUS TRENDS

11) DC will prove to be a poor VC.
Venture-backed companies/industries will continue to be the largest contributors to job and wealth creation in the US — the Federal government’s attempts to fund new technologies will pale in comparison in terms of long-term ROI, and in many instances will have negative impact.

12) The rumors of the demise of the reporter have been exaggerated
Print newspapers and magazines will continue to shutter or be radically downsized — but the work by a new class of well trained and talented reporters will emerge online, and the reading public will embrace their work after becoming weary of editorialists and bloggers who spew their opinion with little regard to quality research and fact checking.


06 2011

Top Ten Trends Debate

Top Ten Trends Debate
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Image by jurvetson
A rare reaction from competitive colleagues at the Churchill Club this evening….

I had just presented the first trend, and grabbed the camera for the reaction on stage.

We each suggest trends, and then vote red or green, which usually leads to a lively debate.

I went for a U.S. market trend and a geek trend (and tried not to overlap with last year’s predictions):

Trend #1: Demographics are destiny, creating opportunity. Every 11 seconds, a baby boomer turns 60. This Internet-savvy cohort represents an enormous market of time and money, driving new opportunities in “mental exercise”, online education, and eventually, an “eBay for information” that exceeds the market for physical goods.

Trend #2: Evolution Trumps Design. Many interesting unsolved problems in computer science, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology require the construction of complex systems. Evolutionary algorithms are a powerful alternative to traditional design, blossoming first in neural networks, now in microbial re-engineering, and eventually in AI.

Vinod Khosla:

Trend #1: The device that used to be a phone. A mobile phone will turn into a mainstream computer. Beyond email, built in projection screen, and high speed data will make it your virtual credit card, ID (passport), access to new types of presence (IM), payment system, personal information filing system, and much much more.

Trend #2: Fossilizing fossil energy. Oil will have increasing difficulty competing with biofuels made from cheap non-food crops for transportation. Coal will become less competitive compared to reliable solar thermal and enhanced geothermal electricity as both oil and coal’s decline will be aided by higher efficiency engines, cars, lighting, appliances.

Josh Kopelman:

Trend #1: The rise of the “Implicit” Internet. Historically, the web delivered most of its value by satisfying explicit user actions – a user entered a search query on Google, a user entered a review on Yelp, a user added their friends on Facebook.

However, as people spend more time online (and perform more of their activities online), they are leaving a trail of “digital breadcrumbs” exposing data about themselves. The result is an immense amount of implicit data on a user. Netflix knows what movies I watch and like. Apple knows what music I purchase and listen to…

However, until now that data has existed in silos. There has been no easy way for me (as a user) to access and benefit from that data. The next big wave of Internet value creation will come to those companies that can deliver value based on the implicit use of these data sources – by taking advantage of these existing data repositories in novel ways.

Trend #2: Venture Capital 2.0. Venture Capital has underwritten most of the transformative software and Internet companies for the last twenty years. However, changing economics (for both startups and venture funds) combined with changing markets, will have a dramatic impact on the venture capital industry.

Joe Schoendorf:

Trend #1: Water tech will replace global warming as a global priority.
The world is running out of usable water and this will kill millions more people in our lifetime than global warming.

Trend #2: 80% of the world population will carry mobile internet devices within 5-10 years. Mobile internet devices are rapidly becoming THE leading product category.

Roger McNamee:

Trend #1: The mobile device industry’s migration from feature phones to smart phones will produce even greater disruption than what the PC industry experienced as it moved from character-mode to graphical interfaces. It will disrupt the competitive balance, with big market share shifts. Consumers will benefit from greater choice and lower prices.

Trend #2: Within five years, everything that matters to you will be available on a device that fits on your belt or in your purse. This will cause a massive shift in internet traffic from PCs to smaller devices.

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06 2011

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