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“From Dominating SEO to Selling it” (Part 2) Trusted Translations @ Gala Lisbon Comments from Gordon Husbands from Wordbank at Gala Lisbon “Search Me” Panel about the Presentation of Gustavo Lucardi, COO of Trusted Translations, Inc. Mr. Lucardi has over 15 years of internet marketing expertise and is a pioneer in multilingual SEO (search engine optimization). As the COO of Trusted Translations, Inc., Gustavo is in charge of all aspects of production, sales and Internet marketing. Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, he has grown online sales by over 1000% and Trusted Translations’ website traffic to over 500000 unique visitors a month. Prior to his current position, Gustavo launched the first edition of the biggest Spanish language newspaper online, Clarín, and the most important portal in Latin America, El Sitio, driving over 20000000 visitors a month.
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08 2011

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