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– Startups – LAUNCH Trio: Captricity, That’s Suspicious Behavior and The Tap Lab – TWiST #261

0:00-1:00 Introduce to today’s great companies, Captricity and That’s Suspicious Behavior. 2:30-300 Today’s program I’ll be talking to two companies from LAUNCH Festival. 3:15-3:45 With Kuang Chen who pitched Captricity and Brigette Kidd of That’s Suspicious Behavior. 3:45-7:00 Thank @Trada for making the show free for all! 7:00-7:30 Brigette when did you find out about Launch conference? 7:30-7:45 What program and USC were you and your crew in? 8:00-8:15 Are there jobs out there? 8:30-8:45 What is That’s Suspicious Behavior? 9:00-9:15 Suspicious Behavior app walk-through. 9:50-10:00 What was decision of putting in pre-chosen behaviors? 10:45-11:00 What was it like on stage at Launch and reaction you got? 12:15-13:00 What happened at moment when you shut down the judge on the stage? 13:00-14:00 Pitch happened right before Treyvon Martin shooting. 14:00-15:00 Treyvon Martin hit closer to home for race issue and having a kid. 15:00-16:00 Have to be careful to not put Treyvon in marketing, but Suspicious Behavior may have avoided it. 16:00-17:00 Won ,00 investment at event, tell us about it? 17:00-18:30 When giving awards didn’t think would win at early stage in app, what happened? 18:45-19:30 Take us through the moment when announcement was being made by Ben. 19:30-20:30 How are you using the 000 investment? 20:30-22:00 Kuang, how’d you come to conference through the side door? 22:00-25:30 Jason explains how he sends e-mail out to private group to find other companies
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09 2012

Should I invest in a company that’s in its IPO stage?

Question by marlanazakon: Should I invest in a company that’s in its IPO stage?
I am being put on the “friends and family list” of a company that is set to go public in a few months. It’s a search engine company and they are asking for a minimum of 25k to invest at $ 9 a share. Is this a good investment?

Best answer:

Answer by seidokan27
you have to be careful… look at google when it first came out it went thru the roof. if you would have gotton in on that at its IPO then you would have really made out but somethings go up and then down the drain so to say yes or no that would depend on the company its self. look at there cash flow and there key statistics. I personally dont like IPO’s unless its a well known name. its risky but if your willing to take the risk then go for it just dont put all your money in it. use money that you dont mind losing. sometimes stocks is like gambling. good luck.

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07 2012

That’s interesting

That’s interesting
search engine advertising
Image by kevin dooley
Last night I read Flickr’s patent on its interestingness algorithm. Patents are not easy to decipher sometimes, especially if they’re written well as this one is, but I think I have some interesting things to share…

(Note: Please don’t confuse the following with a discussion about Explore. Explore depends on interestingness, but getting into Explore depends on a lot more than just interestingness.)

From reading the patent, it seems to me that the entire "Flickr System" is largely built around this notion of interestingness, so anyone who says that popularity and interestingness are not important in Flickr universe is dead wrong. My intuition is that Flickr was designed first as a means to provide superior search results to seekers of "media objects", and second as a social network. It’s interesting to see that the patent description forsees video and other objects, as well as launched advertising specific to the content of the media object (i.e. image).

The basics of the "interestingness score" that Flickr calculates for each of your images have been discussed here and many places: how many faves, comments, notes, views, and where the views come from (e.g. an award group versus an outside search engine). Also discussed elsewhere is the "how many groups" question (answer: 1-5 good, +5 perhaps penalized).

Here are some tidbits from the patent that perhaps are less intuitive…
–Interestingness is affected by how long it’s been since your last upload (it doesn’t say how it takes any of these factors into account by the way!)
–The EXIF camera data is important to have. If you are uploading scanned images (e.g. film) it likely won’t have such data. My recent lomos didn’t get into Explore until I added the EXIF data (I use a Mac, so I used some freeware called "Reveal 1.2").
–Other metadata is important to have. I haven’t done "controlled experiments" on this, but my guess if the title, description, tags, or sets are empty, that decreases interestingness.
–Interestingness is decremented over time (e.g. 2% a day); and is decremented in the presence of metadata (in the title, text, tags, comments, notes) of blacklisted words (you can guess what those are!)

I also found it interesting that an image’s interestingness score can be customized to the requester of the score. For example, if you’ve faved a lot of my pics with a particular tag, then other pics that you haven’t faved but which have the same tag will show up to you as "more interesting".

Of course, in the end, faves and views and comments and all that stuff is the outcome–the cause is having an interesting photo to start with!



10 2011

Should i invest in a search engine company that’s in its IPO stage?

Question by marlanazakon: Should i invest in a search engine company that’s in its IPO stage?
The company has no venture capital (which I’m not sure is a good thing or not). It’s requiring a min of 25k to invest…is that normal procedure? I’m buying the shares at $ 9 per share. The company has already launched in China and has 23 million users. It is set to launch sometime in March. I was told that if I wanted to keep the shares at $ 9 I would have to invest soon because they would be meeting with “high end” clients next week and the cost of the shares would go up and the min. of 25k would go up to 100k min. Are the chances good since it is a search engine company?

Best answer:

Answer by enoriverbend
(1) IPOs normally lose money for the small investor.
(2) There’s a lot of hype around China now and many Chinese companies are overpriced. For internet-related Chinese companies, quadruple that.
(3) A reasonable person might be concerned about stock market volatility in a country where capricious government actions can sink a market in nothing flat, and where corruption is still so prevalent, and where publicly-held companies are held to much lower transparency requirements than in the US or Europe.
(4) Your entire description of a “hard sell” by the people involved would make me run like mad in the OPPOSITE direction.

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09 2011

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