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02 2013

How can I buy a template for a search engine like the one on blue nile?

Question by Brooke L: How can I buy a template for a search engine like the one on blue nile?
I work for a wedding bands company ( that wants to make our site more user friendly. We like the way that looks (the way that you can select from drop-down boxes to narrow down the search). We are currently using Yahoo Sitebuilder but are considering switching to Dreamweaver, so any comments on that are welcome too!

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Answer by imisidro
You can check out sites such as where you can buy a template for your site. If you wish to be the only one using it, prepare to pay $ 2,000+ for the design. Of course you still have to customize it

I suggest you read Internet Retailer magazine — which is focused on those selling online. If you qualify you can get the magazine for free (otherwise you pay — though magazine subscriptions for your business are tax deductable anyway).

Internet Retailer recently produced a report called Guide to Retail Web Site Design & Usability which focus specifically on the ideas that worked for online retailers like yourself in terms of website design.

If you are considering redesigning your site, you may want to make this investment and read their tips and things to consider. In retail site design, oftentimes the size and color of little things such as your ADD TO CART button can spell an increase of 10% to your conversion rate or sales

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09 2012

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02 2012

Website Template & Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

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09 2011

Website Template and Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

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08 2011

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