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Autonomy, HP Company: Promoting Optimost campaign bid optimization technology at SES Chicago – Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Matt Malden, Autonomy, an HP (Hewlett Packard) Company, exhibiting as a Gold Sponsor at SES Chicag…


03 2013

Unlimited Detail Technology

Unlimited Detail Homepage: Part 2 is here ! http Edit: Seeing as this video has gained a fair amount of interest, I’ll post a quick description of how it works here… This description can be found on their site, via the link above. How does it work? If you have a background in the industry you know the above pictures are impossible. A computer cant have unlimited power and it cant process unlimited point cloud data because every time you process a point it must take up some processor time. But I assure you, it’s real and it all works. Unlimited Details method is very different to any 3D method that has been invented so far. The three current systems used in 3D graphics are Ray tracing polygons and point cloud/voxels, they all have strengths and weaknesses. Polygons runs fast but has poor geometry, Ray-trace and voxels have perfect geometry but run very slowly. Unlimited Detail is a fourth system, which is more like a search algorithm than a 3D engine. It is best explained like this: if you had a word document and you went to the SEARCH tool and typed in a word like MONEY the search tool quickly searches for every place that word appeared in the document. Google and Yahoo are also search engines that go looking for things very quickly. Unlimited Detail is basically a point cloud search algorithm. We can build enormous worlds with huge numbers of points, then compress them down to be very small. The Unlimited Detail engine works out which
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09 2012

Technology News | Future Technologies Today | Streaming Holographic Images

Only in America does real life tend to emulate art. Since the Princess Leia character was magically projected in 3D during the original Star Wars film, people have wondered if such a technology might really be possible STREAMING HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES A University of Arizona team says it has devised a system that can make a holographic display appear in another place and update it in near real-time. There appears to be huge potential. Imagine a very complicated surgical procedure – then with this system surgeons around the world could participate” We foresee many applications, for example in manufacturing,” said Professor Nasser Peyghambarian from Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences. “Car manufacturers or airplane manufacturers could look at holograms and design their systems in real time. They could look at 3D models and make changes as they go.” The system demonstrated this week is far from the finished product, but it gives a very strong hint of what might be achievable with further refinements. Let me explain how it works: Many different perspectives of the object or person are captured on a series of cameras arranged in a circle That information is simply sent across e net to conceivably be seen anywhere in the world A 3D holographic printing system receives the information and writes the images on toupdate screen. It updates a photosensitive polymer every two seconds; creating a changing hologram. No glasses are needed to see the images, merely some form of


09 2012

Technology News | Tablets kick-start tech trends for 2011 at CES

Have you heard the latest Technology News? Asus, the company who are credited with kickstarting the netbook market plan to launch four more devices at this years CES show to be held in Las Vegas 6th to 9th January. Jonney Shih, chairman of Asus credited Apple with kick sta`rting the tablet market as he unveiled his new gadgets that all run on Google’s Android operating system and Microsoft’s Windows 7. Similarly Linovo showed a 10 inch android powered tablet that also runs Windows. It seems that over 80 tablets will unveiled at this years CES show It seems that many of the devices shown will not make it to the market as the first test is their success at CES – with so many tablets being displayed, there is going to be a lot of competition. It is expected that many of the tablets will actually be sold at below cost on the expectation that sales will be made of ebooks. It appears that tablets are becoming smarter as the mobile technology allows for data to gathered and then more easily distributed. For instance body monitors pipe data they collect through exercise by phone to help people get the most out of their workout. Indeed, smartphone technology is shifting trends in consumer technology and being found in cameras and googles worn by skiers and snowboarders. For more Technology News please subscribe to our YouTubeChannel! If you would like to get the latest on how to combine Search, Social Media and Video to get a 40% boost to you next film, event or album launch get


09 2012

Google’s Motorola Deal Promises to Shake Up Mobile Technology Industry

Read the transcript: Google announced plans this week to buy Motorola Mobility for .5 billion. In recent years the Internet giant has made big plays in the smartphone market through its Android platform. Jeffrey Brown discusses the ramifications of the pending deal with Staci Kramer of and Charles Golvin of Forrester Research.


07 2012

Google Technology RoundTable: Map Reduce

Meet four of Google’s Map Reduce expert engineers, Google Fellow Sanjay Ghemawat, Google Fellow Jeff Dean, Software Engineer Jerry Zhao and Software Engineer Matt Austern and watch as they discuss the origin, evolution and future of Map Reduce with Alfred Spector, Google VP of Research and Special Iniatives.
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07 2012

Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington DC – Alex Jones Tv

Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington DC Steve Watson Tuesday, Aug 24th, 2010 Law enforcement agencies in Washington DC have begun to use technology that they say can predict when crimes will be committed and who will commit them, before they actually happen. The Minority Report like pre-crime software has been developed by Richard Berk, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Previous incarnations of the software, already being used in Baltimore and Philadelphia were limited to predictions of murders by and among parolees and offenders on probation. According to a report by ABC News, however, the latest version, to be implemented in Washington DC, can predict other future crimes as well. “When a person goes on probation or parole they are supervised by an officer. The question that officer has to answer is ‘what level of supervision do you provide?'” Berk told ABC News, intimating that the program could have a bearing on the length of sentences and/or bail amounts. The technology sifts through a database of thousands of crimes and uses algorithms and different variables, such as geographical location, criminal records and ages of previous offenders, to come up with predictions of where, when, and how a crime could possibly be committed and by who. The program operates without any direct evidence that a crime will be committed, it simply takes datasets and computes possibilities. “People assume that if someone murdered then they will murder
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03 2012

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02 2012

Local Splash – The Amazing Technology Behind the Local SEO Program

Watch Steve Wiideman guide you through the back office of the Relevant Ads local SEO product. See how Local Splash gets local businesses ranking and traffic from organic and map optimization.
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09 2011

Small Business Technology Summit 2008

Small Business Technology Summit 2008
search engine advertising
Image by ShashiBellamkonda
Harry Brooks, Director of Search Marketing for Network Solutions, manages sales and search marketing education programs — seminars, webinars and partner programs. Harry has trained thousands of business owners on how to develop a search marketing strategy. He created and launched the Internet Marketing Webinar series for Network Solutions in September 2007, which covers topics like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns, Link Building and much more.

Harry regularly engages business consumers in a variety of capacities, including being a regular contributor to Network Solutions Online Marketing Blog, and has appeared as a featured guest on Technically Speaking Radio to discuss search marketing. In 2008, he will play a key role in growing and directing Search Engine Marketing education and sales programs for Network Solutions, LLC.


08 2011

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