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08 2012 – Targeted Web Traffic & Online Promotion – Backlinks & SEO

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06 2012

what should I do to drive targeted traffic to my site?

Question by eteqdotcom: what should I do to drive targeted traffic to my site?
so far I have tried PPC,SEO,Social bookmarking, 4 press releases, link submission = Nothing have happend. I tried a couple of different freelancers to help me promote my site but NOTHING came out of it. I feel like all the marketing people promises but no one delivers. Does anyone have a working way (that wont ruin me) of how to generate “real traffic” to

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Answer by Tibor P
I know how you feel, looks like the big hogs get must of the hits and buys. like ebay, yahoo, amazon etc. They have the bucks to have there listings right up on the search results from all the search engines, ecommerce has changed a great deal over the past 2 years, and it has pushed out the little guy, there were to many small scammers out there that ruined it for the smaller honest merchant, so buyers tend to buy only from well known companys, unless you have really something special to sell and there is a market for it, you would have all kind of traffic, depending what your selling you may drive traffic to your sites by joining fourms and posting your product there, example “you sell motorcycle gear’ well join alot of clubs around the world and make yourself known.
word of mouth still holds true today.
Good luck

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06 2012

free targeted website traffic – FREE,FREE,

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04 2012

Twitter Bot v4.0 – 1k Targeted Visitors in 10 Minutes – Live Demo

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04 2012

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03 2012

buy web site traffic-are you lost??-buy targeted web site traffic

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10 2011

Video Traffic System – Drive Loads of FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Site

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08 2011

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07 2011

The Law Firm Internet Marketing Book: How To Use The Internet To Drive Targeted, Low Cost Leads To Your Law Firm Web Site

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06 2011

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