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03 2013

Anyone know where to find a stock earnings summary for this quarters companies on the web?

Question by Alink12: Anyone know where to find a stock earnings summary for this quarters companies on the web?
I want to compare this year vs last and expected vs actual earnings in a clear concise way. Much like does with size of companies on their “map of the market” (could just be a simple chart as well
( see the map of the market button!

Best answer:

Answer by brianalan_7
I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but has this chart I use for quarterly earnings under Financial Statements.

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04 2012

‘On Air’ Episode 9 Summary

‘On Air’ Episode 9 Summary
seo business
Image by withhyunbin
The begining of the scene is at the Taroko National Park where Seo, Lee, Oh and Jang met. It was the last location for Oh in the tourist promotion’s production. Seo and Lee were as usual on a recee location. Jang was surprised to see Seo and Lee, Lee is surprise then embarrass that Oh is donning the cap he was wearing that day. Seo knows that the cap was Lee’s. Oh is her usually haughty self paraded with the cap. Jang broke the conflicts of stares by suggesting an after meal drinks together. Upon returning to the hotel, the Tourism personnel suggested that they have a SPA before dinner. All hesitate in agreeing to go. Jang comment he was ticklish

At the SPA, Seo and Oh exchanged another round of verbal attack with each other at the expense of Lee, who was a little embarrassed to be in a SPA, as it is his first visit to such premise. Lee and Jang had massage, Lee looked like he was being torture with the massage, while Jang is so ticklish and wanted the masseur to press harder, commented where the ladies were, and was afraid they would end up fist fighting.

On the other room. Seo and Oh having their argument. Seo commented being an artiste is great that they can have such fringe benefits. Seo and Oh had a ladies chat asking each other why they wanted to be in their current profession. Oh replied she was lonely that why she became an artiste. "Because my mother gave birth to a beauty….." Seo on other was taken in by Oh somewhat heart talk, told Seo that because she is always talking nonsense and have no sense of reality, that is why she is the writer.

Next morning. Jang and Oh went jogging, breakfast with Lee and Seo. Seo gets a call from PD Yun that Chui Hyun Woo was the main lead for another project. Due to their main story featured two women as the main which would make the main lead not having much screen time. Seo commented that someone was rocking the boat.

CEO Jin was instigating behind the scene with Kim – Chui Hyun Woo’s agent . Then a room of reporters asking Oh why Chui Hyun Woo turn down the role as the main lead. Jang has his suspicion on the matter. Oh tactfully said she have had a relation with Chui once.

Lee went back to the studio and got bashing from his studio chief. Lee had to do some damage control on his own drama schedule.

Chui Hyun Woo’s agent Kim had turn tables on Jin by not in participating in his racket. Jang went to Kim to give a few comments on the matter.

Oh arrange a meeting with Chui. In their meeting Oh mentioned the scenario of his refusal was out of revenge. She laid the reason behind it. First, the rejection of the sharing the award, because she refused to have the same billing with him. Second, he refuse to work with her due to her star appeal is greater than his. Third, she refused his advances.

She answer him that First, she apologise, 2nd he should look at the script. 3rd, he is not even a man. His kisses sucks. The lead actress for the another project is Ha Ji Won, she commented that she hopes he not bandwagoning on her success. On leaving, Oh recalls the post-mortem of her own success in the business with the comments made by Seo and Jang on her span of longevity in the business and to meet someone from her past.

As the table are turned on CEO Jin, he tried to salvage by introducing his company newcomer. But Seo’s agent (that fat lady) bartered that he had no longer the say in the casting anymore and will to leave it to Seo and Lee to make the decision. His investment is only obligated to this point.

Casting for A class male lead who currently have nothing scheduled for the next 2 weeks, there was no such person in sight. PD suggest if they can use a newcomer for the role rather that some average artiste. Seo commented that the main lead had to be handsome, as the viewers are all ajummas and ajumma hated Oh’s looks, so they required a handsome main lead to charade it. Lee and Seo had some petty quarrels which left Lee on the losing end when Seo said he had no sense of reality in the matter. Lee told her why her drama needs to depend on A class leads, which means she have no confident of her writings

Lee called Jang for a meeting, Jang was trying to look for A class actor. Jang was trying to persuade Lee Seo Jin but Lee Seo Jin says as he had other plans in mind.

Leo Seo Jin: What to do? After this drama, I want to do something else.
Jang Gi Joo: What? Something? Who is the writer & PD?
Lee Seo Jin: Don’t know. I just know that I am the male lead. Hard to say that the drama will be a
melodrama romantic or a die hard bloody action packed drama.
Jang Gi Joo: What so you mean? Are you…..doing something strange?
Lee Seo Jin: It isn’t something strange? I met someone I love and I want to marry her
Jang Gi Joo: Marry? who?
Lee Seo Jin laughed. Jang realised the implications.
Jang Gi Joo: Marry? You are getting married?
Lee Seo Jin: I wish to think so, but don’t know if she (friend) wants to
Jang Gi Joo: How can you say you don’t know. Congratulations. You are making me envy. It is not a
romantic drama, but a mystery thriller, isn’t it?
Lee Seo Jin: I have spent a lot of effort on it

Jang’s phone rang

Jang met Lee and Seo for coffee and cakes. Jang was the one doing the eating while Lee and Seo are having a cold war. Seo asked Jang to help, and Jang agreed with Lee to use a newcomer, as the leads are the two sisters and main male leads to not want to do cameos. Seo ran on a list of male actors asked for Kim Min Joon, but Jang he went to Japan to do a drama. Lee Seo Jin. He is going to end his drama soon. The male lead is an international lawyer that has English dialogues. Jang told that he just met Lee Seo Jin. Jang said because of someone, he is going to take absent of leave for a while. Jang commented that to be able to be on par with Oh, requires a certain status, but currently there is none. Lee and Seo were out of options. Seo left in dejection while Lee invited Jang for a drink.

Jang took him to the restaurant that Seo’s mother runs. Seo’s mother was friendly with Jang, and Lee asked about it. Jang told him the owner was Seo’s mother

Seo rang Oh to come out to discuss on the matter of the newcomer, and ended up being a shopping partner for Oh. Seo wanted to know what Oh thought of the matter. Oh mentioned that their weapon as Oh will not work if the newcomer came on board. At least both ladies are now in agreement terms. Phone rang and it was from her mother’s restaurant. It was Jang who called from the restaurant.

Lee was so drunk even before the sun had set, turned around and calls ‘Seo Writer Ooni’. Men usually addressed older sister as Noona. Seo asked how much Lee drank. Jang said it was only half a bottle. Seo replied Lee was so useless, Lee agreed. Lee poured his grief that because of this script, he went to get the runaway writer back, begging his studio chief everyday. Jang told that Lee had been like this for an hour. Seo asked Jang to piggyback him back to the office.

Jang saw how Seo made the effort to tuck the drunk Lee to bed. Jang looked slightly envious at the sight. Seo asked him why Jang was still here. Jang said that Lee was here. Seo says that Lee had been staying here all this while. Jang presented two set of coffee cup and plates. Lee got a call and left angrily. The filming crew now have other schedules. It looked like Lee’s filming crew was falling apart and he got a big reprimanding from the other PD. Meanwhile Seo was worried for Lee who left in such a haste

The next day. Oh entered her walking clothes closet that looked more like a boutique and saw Lee’s cap. She recalled her Taiwan escapade with Lee. She refused to go for her appointments and ended up sitting in a children playground, only to have a group of children staring at her in a territorial dispute. She told the kids she wouldn’t sign anything however the kids said this.

Kid: Ajumma, you are sitting on our swing
Oh: Ajumma!!!
Oh took her sun shades off
Oh: Do you know who I am?
Kid: We don’t recognise you at all, and our mother asked us not to talk to strangers

Oh realised the kids aged group was around 7 years old. She promised a signed FT Island autograph if they answer her questions.

Oh asked the girl if they were to meet her elder sister how would she have felt. The kid told her she didn’t have one. Oh says what if she was her elder sister. The other kids then said her father must had an affair somewhere to produce an elder sister as if the situation was for real.

Oh went nowhere with the kids. She went for an appointment on how to make soap but she was space out.

Her English tutor rang to say that he was to finish up the English lesson as he is leaving for somewhere. She went to his place, and the house was practically empty. He must have been one of the Korean adoptee who got adopted in the States. There are plenty of these cases especially during the 60s & 70s when Korea have just recovered from the war and the country was in ruins, in the midst of the Cold war, economics didn’t strive, and many families had to make rational decision to have their children adopted for a better life. Until this present day adoptees will still try to located their birth parents if they could. It is common, the birth parents have some regrets on why they let them go. The English teacher came to Korea to look at the birth country of his mother. He told Oh that he like a stranger and all of them can be like Daniel Henny. Her teacher gave her his two cents worth of advice that Oh canning her feelings up inside was very bad for her.

Oh recalled when she begged for Jang’s help to make her an actress. For that chance, she will do anything he asked. Jang replied anything. He took her out and call for a suite with champagne and wine to be prepared. She was shocked to think of the worst scenario.

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01 2012

‘On Air’ Episode 10 Summary

‘On Air’ Episode 10 Summary
seo advertising
Image by dramatomy
10 years ago. Jang was setting up for Oh what it would be to start in the entertainment business. It is his principle that he will not have anything to do with a minor. Jang poured out the wine and told that this was his favourite vintage. It was very nice to drink. When you first drink it, it was slightly bitter and depressing, as you allowed it to breathe, it will become sweet in your pallate

They went to the hotel suite, and Jang asked her whether it was a first time for her with a man in a hotel room having a drink. Jang was trying to portray a man with bad intentions to Oh.

"It takes a lifetime to wait for an opportunity of a chance, why not grab it?" recalled what her English tutor said.

(I wonder if this English tutor cum part-time model will be the newcomer for the main lead, since he can speak English. I will think that Oh will agree to have him on, since she is comfortable with him. Oh have shared heart feelings with him, eventually in the end of the drama, it likely seems so)

Oh was worried that she may not be able to act, as she had been hiding behind her PPL face for so long and dare not thread on unchartered waters. A remark by Kim (Chui Hyun Woo’s agent) to her that Jang will trade her in to him, which made her just a commodity.

Seo went to see Lee out of worry because he left the house in a haste and found out that problems arised with the film crew. Petty quarrels between Lee and Seo started flying again. Lee promise that he will not let her regret, just trust him this once and listen to him.

Oh called and asked to meet up with Seo. Seo was worried that Oh will the next in line to leave the drama. When Seo got there, Oh was already slightly tipsy and drunk, while gurgling down glasses of wine. Oh was on her third bottle of wine. Oh had a heart talk that she could not find anyone else to come except Seo. Her interpersonal skills with people must be awful. Oh asked Seo whether she have experience going to a hotel suite room with a man for a drink. Oh told her she did it once long time ago. Seo replied she had of course. Seo then asked whether Oh and Jang had a quarrel. Seo who couldn’t make head or tails on what Oh is saying. Then she found out that Oh wanted someone to hear her grief and it had nothing to do with rejecting the drama. Seo then gave Oh her two cents worth. "The biggest scandal for an artiste to have is her age." Oh asked Seo whether she was pathetic, in the sense she was never been an artiste with substance. Oh started to sob and apologised to Seo, which surprised Seo that Oh was willing to humble herself and told her the truth that indeed she is pathetic.

Lee received a call from Seo to asked for his help to take Oh home as it was not wise get any mode of public transport to sent her home. Seo couldn’t get hold of Jang. Lee agreed.

On the sidelines PD Yun is having her own personnal problems. A boyfriend who have no regards to her occupation as it doesn’t reap large monetary benefits. In the entertainment industries as in film, television and arts, it is not a occupation job but a vocation to the arts you love. Spending almost 24 hours on the job doesn’t leave you much time to have a social life. I remember having to do almost like grave yard shift and spending my slumber time at the office sofa in every chance of a 40 winks I could squeeze. But to feel the adrenalin rushing strive the addiction for that job.

Lee arrived to see a drunk Oh. Seo told him to take her home. Seo tried to wake up the drunken Oh, and in waking up, was surprised to see Lee. "Oh!! It is my chauffeur. You are here." Oh recalled to Seo on her escapade she had with Lee in Taiwan. Oh confessed each time she and Lee ever met will always stir trouble. Lee ordered Seo to finish with the script, much to Seo dismay.

Seo does have feelings for Lee.

At Oh’s home, Lee found difficulties in finding the bearings in her house. Remembered her house has divisions of partition in glass. It looked more like a car showroom than a house. After settling her down, Oh asked for water to clear her head from the alcohol effects and she played her audition tapes, where she couldn’t deliver her lines properly.

From what I can see from the audition tapings, that she did indeed audition for the movie version of the "Ticket to the Moon" and failed miserably at it. Oh thanked Lee for being a gentleman for bringing her home.

Jang come by to Oh’s house to see Lee leaving. Jang and Lee had some exchange of words on priorities. Jang recalled the conversation they had when they were jogging in Taiwan, that from that day she had never rested and persisted to pursue to her present status. Jang went to her to wipe her sweat, asked why she was disobedient treating like she was 10 years ago and told her he misses her very much

Oh have always had an unrequited love for Jang. Remembered she still kept the umbrella he gave her.

Lee at the studio station getting ready with the pre production of getting the location in. Seo stayed up to finish off the Episode 5 of the script and would deliver Episode 6 later. She was off when Lee came in with the set plans and location for Seo to have a look. Lee asked whether she got home safely. Seo answered in a single liner and vice versa asked whether Oh was sent home safely as she was very drunk and Lee answered with a simple "Yes". Lee saw Seo was setting out somewhere, he said he will wait for her. Seo replied that it would have to be tomorrow. Seo told that the Episode 5 was ready and Episode 6 will be delivered in the weekend. Lee asked who is she meeting. Seo told him that she need not report to him her whereabouts and activities. Seo was slightly jealous that Lee sent Oh alone to her house. Writer imagination running wild on that occasion.

Seo was having lunch with the Station Chief. Seo vented her frustration on the incompetent Studio chief. Chief call Seo’s fat lady agent for some damage control report. it looked like the fat lady and the studio chief has provide the comic relief with their relationship

Jang tried to call Oh but she wasn’t answering

At Jang’s office, the two employees was rehearsing the plague cards from the scenes "Love is…." (great show with great touch of British humour). They are trying to remember the dialogue when the english tutor came in and recited the remaining dialogue. He helped to tutor them in English. The English tutor, (he must have a name somewhere, or it is never mentioned previously) explain the scenario to them on how to act their emotion to the scene. The translation went all awry. The English tutor explained that being in front of the camera is very lonely. "All by yourself without anyone to help you. It is just you and your confidence." Jang overheard. The English tutor wanted to give some things to Oh as he was going back to the States next Wednesday. Jang asked him if he was an actor. English tutor said he was up till yesterday. The English tutor meet Oh in New York, didn’t realise Oh was so famous in Korea.

Jang called one of Oh’s assistant and found out that Oh was practising the piano as schedule. Jang asked the assistant to asked Oh to meet him at an advertising agency for the CF. Oh came and was surprise later when CEO Jin and Cherry appeared.

The advertising agency was glad that both actress were here as they were going to be casted in the same drama written by Seo. As the advertising agency personnel step out for a call. Oh and Jang asked what is going on. CEO Jin said it was his idea to have done this way. The concept was explained, Oh as her haughty self critized the concept of the storyboard of the CF. Oh rejected it down flat. Jang agreed that Oh has done the right thing towards her road to becoming a Korean artiste rather than a PPL celebrity. CEO Jin was left dry on this.

Jang then assured Oh that he will never trade her to anyone, and not to listen to any rumours that issue. She was to be assured.

At Seo’s office, discussion on the set location
Eun Young’s soap workshop – looked too bland and real, would like to have it more cuter and dreamy effect
Eun Sok’s apartment – looked like a rented apartment for parents with two kids rather than of a professional doctor

There is also some budget constraints, Lee made some suggestions and Seo agreed. Seo was letting off a cold front and everybody could feel it. Lee invited Seo for casting. Lee then left for a meeting. Seo’s PA was taking a liking to Assistant PD Choe. Seo asked if Lee had seen the script. Her PA said he had, and while Seo was browsing, she couldn’t find the pen marks on her script, but then realise he did a pen mark at the cover of the script. It means that he is total satisfy with the script

Lee approached a director who is now making a living selling fried chicken. Lee wanted him to return to be his 1st Assistant Director. There was an incident that happened that he is no longer in the field. Lee begged him to return for his experience, but got thrown out instead. It looked like the fried chicken shop have some renegade film crew running around

Jang went to look for details of the English tutor from his previous talent agency. It seem he was in Broadway before and is a qualify lawyer. It seem he was spotted by one of the talent ageny scout and asked him to come to Korea. Because of his mix blood, he could only limited to CF. What a considence!!!!. Isn’t he perfect for the main lead they are looking for. Whalla!!! Taaa Daaa!!!

Jang went to the airport to look for him. He looked at the Departure board to see that his flight was in "Boarding" status. We finally get to know that his name "Aden". With Jang’s broken English, he asked Aden to delay his departure for a month. He finally spoke in Korean

"If you believe what I say, and I don’t know if there is such a saying in America. In Korea, it is often said that there is a saying that every person is given three chances in his lifetime. I can grant you one of these chances. What will it be?"

Seo went to buy some drink and recalled the past when Jang come in to buy a carton of coffee. Then Jang came in and repeated the scene. A dejavu. Jang was surprised that she could remember it all this while and he should be grateful. Jang asked if there is any progress on the main lead. She is not optimistic and was going to attend a casting session. She still insisted on using A-Class actor.

Casting for the male lead.
Candidates doing various section of the script. They all look pathethic. They all looked as though they were auditioning for comedy gag. Everybody started to yawns as the day draws longer. Aden was the last to be casted.

Jang asked for the result. Lee thought that Aden will fit the role. But Seo still insisted that they should persuade Lee Seo Jin to do it. Seo said that Aden couldn’t manage his Korean dialogue. Jang insisted he can be coached. Jang told them that Aden is his artiste. Jang asked them to trust him, and asked her to return the favour of all the coffee he render to Seo. Both Seo and Lee were blank.

It looked like Song Chang Ui is shooting a CF with Oh. Taiwan location starts. Jang and Lee had a conflict while Seo and Oh are there to mediate this time.

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08 2011

‘On Air’ Episode 7 Summary

‘On Air’ Episode 7 Summary
seo firms
Image by dramatomy
SW Management forged signed and sealed a movie contract on Oh Seung Ah’s behalf without her knowledge, as her seal was with SW Management. The movie was due to be filmed next month. Jang Gi Joo had to do some damaged control quickly because if Oh Seung Ah failed to live up to the contract, she need to pay a huge compensation to the film company. She was frenzy over it, and wanted to draw her money to pay the compensation.

(The seal is very important to the society like Japan & Korea. In China the practice is already deem obsolete. It is usual to seal and sign for important documentation. I personally have one craved, but seldom used it officially)

Jang Gi Joo had to go to Manager Jin for answers. Jang punched Manager Jin twice. There was some rift with them, some history that go along way back somewhere. Jang Gi Joo asked Oh Seung Ah to believe in him to settle this. He finally asked Manager Jin to ask his talent Cherry to appear in the movie. He managed to talk over with Manager Jin to have this matter settled. Jang puts his negotiating skill to the maximum. He was very well versed in the business.

In the script of "Ticket to the Moon" some changes to the script was made. The main actress is not longer the low of 7 years old IQ Eun Young, who have inherited a large fortune from her parents, but the psychiatrist who handle her case, who happens to be her long lost elder sister, Eun Sok. At the orphanage there were separated. Both of the siblings couldn’t remember that they had sibling. Then come a high profile lawyer from a top legal firm in Australia here to help to protect Eun Young and her inheritance but also to find the whereabouts of the elder sister, who also have a share in the inheritances. Eventually it may turn out that the main actress is not Eun Young but Eun Sok, the psychiatrist and also long lost sister. This idea was originally highlighted by Oh Seung Ah, who said as 16 episodes about a low IQ Eun Young may not be able to sustain the story. Lee Kyung Min seconded that it may be some truth to it. Seo Young Eun was not please when she heard that these feedbacks came from Oh Seung Ah.

There was a touching scene when Lee commented that she is scripting Eun Young like a 17 years old rather than 7 years, and asked her to look at her son to find out how they are like. Seo was sorry that she wasn’t around for her son, leaving him to nanny(who happens to be Lee’s mother). But her son consoled her that what she wrote was good and he liked her dramas. There was a comment that her drama are rated for viewers for 15 & above with kissing scenes, and it is bad to watch. Her son replied no one bothered to follow those ratings. He encouraged her to write better dramas.

There was also some technicals problems, as the company that represent Seo Young Eun, has taken some investment from Manager Jin to have his talent Cherry appear as the main actress to the script. Much to the dismay of Seo Young Sun and later Lee Kyung Min, he told the company off that he is the PD and have the right to choose the talents and not them. He also asked them not to disturb Seo Young Eun in this, as he needs her to concentrate on writing the script. I liked how he told them off in protecting Seo from the stress of having to look at talents for her scripts

Seo Young Eun wasn’t too happy either. She made a comment when Cherry tried to act the low IQ Eun Young in the script. (In broadcast, the artiste have to speak the Seoul dialect. It is the official broadcast language. Most of the Koreans tend to speak other form of provincial dialect, i.e Busan or Jeju where they are sometimes totally off from the mainstream.)

Cherry wanted to pretend to be the low IQ Eun Young, "Chogayo" as I. Chegayo is I in the Seoul dialect. Chogayo means went instead of I.

Lee Kyung Min insisted that their main actress is Oh Seung Ah, Oh Seung Ah needs to be in it, as she needs to prove that she is an actress and not just a pretty face endorsed commercials. As Seo Young Eun mentioned she is a PPL actress (product in placement) rather that her talent in acting, she doesn’t have many more years being a PPL actress, and needs to prolong her value in the entertainment.

There is scene where she was doing a reading of script and she has so many NGs in delivering her lines.

There was also a scene where Seo Young Eun’s agent wanted to give some under table money to Lee Kyung Min during a lunch meeting. Seo Young Eun had always thought the Lee took the money, but later the agent confirm that he never took the money, as there was a figure of speech "There is never a free lunch" "the things that I most fear is money". Seo feels embarrassed to say that Lee was otherwise.

In a reporter interview. Oh Seung Ah confirm that she will be acting in ‘Ticket to the Moon’ as the low IQ Eun Young. The reporter commented whether she can bring out that character but as her arrogant and rude self, she criticized the reporter in the midst of all that she is bored with the same writings about her. There was a question the reporter asked about the books she has read, and she answered she doesn’t read any, and she in turn asked the reporter what she liked to read, and Oh Seung Ah mentioned all the titles of the author. Jang was surprise that she should know all about the titles, and asked Oh whether she had read them. She said No. She had googled it on her mobile.

Oh Seung Ah agreed to be in the ‘Ticket to the Moon’, as Eun Young and asked Cherry to be the main actress. She doesn’t mind as she knew that Manager Jin as invested in the company but on one condition, she have to examined for approval for the script prior to release. Seo and Lee were dumbfounded.

* The sequences are not in order.

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08 2011

‘On Air’ Episode 8 Summary

‘On Air’ Episode 8 Summary
seo cost
Image by
On the matter of pre-examining of the script, Seo Young Eun disagreed to it as madness and replied it with a tit for tat, where she will examined Oh Seung Ah’s acting when filming begins. Both ladies started name calling. Jang and Lee also joined in with Lee explained why they wanted to, because Oh Seung Ah has given away a chance instead to act in a supporting role so the importance of the script does not affect (damaged) her. The ladies had a heart to heart talk and Oh Seung expressed that her trust was hurt when Seo accepted the investment of Jin to have Cherry as the main actress. Seo realised.

Location will have to be done in Taiwan, as the Tourism office of Taiwan wants the drama to do some promotions for their country and they would like Oh Seung to be the Ambassador (Spokeperson). This is the condition that they will sponsor fully their stay on locations for the drama. In this way they will save a lot on expenses up to 50 million won. Lee agreed to get Oh Seung Ah to be the Ambassador (Spokeperson). Oh Seung Ah agreed.

Lee wanted to know if it is necessary for a overseas location. Seo said all drama now have some overseas locations to bring out some essence. It is for the ending where Eun Sok sents her sister Eun Young to Australia, but couldn’t bring herself to sent her there alone, took an on route sightseeing travel to Taiwan. Taiwan will be the first and last outing together. Then Lee asked then they should go to Australia. Seo replied that Australia is not paying the expenses. Then filmed in Korea. Seo replied that the scenery is not as good. She expressed her dialogue "Eun Young, Don’t go. Come live with me. I can’t bear to sent you alone to Australia. I….I….I love you, Eun Young" Seo is such a drama queen when she was saying these lines

They were off to Taiwan for a 5 days 4 nights stay. Lee and Seo was at the location recee, while Oh and Lee were there on promotion purpose. Everybody were shock at the reception of Oh Seung Ah in Taiwan Airport. Oh Seung Ah and Jang get to sit on a limo while Lee and Seo got a commercial van as transport

They all stayed at the Palace Hotel. Once a hotel that hosted foreign dignitaries during the President Chang Kai Shek, somewhat the Shilla Hotel is in Korea. It has 2 dragons curling on a pillar similiar to the ones similiar in the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Of course, you may know that one third of the Palace Museum artifacts never return to Beijing but now is sitting in a Palace Museum in Taipei

At lunch, Oh Seung Ah and Seo Young Eun played kiddy games. Swinging the ‘easy- susie’ not to allow each other to pick dishes. It was nice to watch two left handers in this drama, Kim Ha Neul and Park Yong Ha are left handers. Oh Seung Ah and Seo Young Eun were having a fine time throwing tacts at each other, while Lee and Jang have to play refree at times. Jang told Seo off that the ones going to get tired will be them (Lee and Jang)

They had a free day, so each of them went off sightseeing. All of them seems to be heading to the same location. Lee met Oh, invited her to sightsee together. Lee and Jang had a go of tasting ‘cho tofu’ (smelly tofu). Jang spitted it out thinking it was like the ones in Korea. Jang saw Seo, Seo saw Jang while taking picture with her digital camera and they had tea together. They talked about old times, how attentive Jang was about Seo’s progress in the business and Seo forgave Oh’s action because of Jang. Oh Seung Ah met some Korean fans and Oh introduce Lee as a chauffeur, then was mob by fans. Lee puts his cap on Oh and ran off with her, chased by frenzy fans. Back at the hotel, everybody had some kind of souvenior from each other. Lee had taken photos of Oh on his camera. Oh had Lee’s cap when they made an escape from the fan. Jang and Seo each have token bought for each other at the souvenior shop. All of them pondered on the memories of that day.

The location was the same location for Lust & Caution Starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Tang Wei

In an interview, Oh gave the Taiwanese reporters the role she will be playing in Ticket to the Moon at 101 Tower. The Taiwanese tourism personnel was pleased with the response.

Lee and Seo went on the location recce. Seo gave a running commentary of the location. Lee think otherwise due to technical difficulties. They also went to the equipment rental company to see whether Taiwan had the correct equipment for their filming.

In looking at the equipments they had in Taipei, Lee mention that the location "Qiu Fen Wu Dong" is very narrow, and needed ‘Jimmy Jib and ‘Startercam’. After the viewing the camera equipment, Lee couldn’t resist wanting to eat Korean food, just after only two days in Taipei. Seo asked when Lee was in the location "Qui Fen" and asked why he was there alone as she was there too. Lee didn’t mentioned he met Oh there as well.

Jimmy Jib is a camera crane equipment. Startercam is a high quality low cost infra-red camera about the size and the weight of a regular video camera. I assumed it is the standard camera equipment they used in Korean dramas. This bring me some nostalgia to me, as I was once a Camera Assistant myself. All the Arri lighting of 10K & 100K.

Oh’s (Kim Ha Neul) Mandarin was really bad, even reading from the book which I presume was written in pinyin. I had to refer to the subtitles to know what she was trying to say. Jang was exhausted to hear her practicing and went to get a drink, and found a souvenir of a cat picture painted on a stone from "Qui Fen" and asked when she bought it. The same replied came from Jang, why she was there alone, as he was also there too. Jang commented whether Oh liked cats. She replied that cats were cute, Jang commented that Seo liked Mickey Mouse, hence the cat and mouse attitude.

The next day Oh did the promotion media for the Tourism board. Finally Seo got her limo ride but found out that Oh had taken a flight (plane) to a location, that is why she didn’t need the limo. Seo gave Lee a Korean cup noodles to solve his Korean yearning, Lee asked why she and Jang were so close, was they once been intimate before. Seo denied and told him when she was struggling as a writer, she met Jang at the convienience store and he was buying a carton of coffee every time, and will always offer her a can. Without knowing who he was and thinking he was just a chauffeur, she mentioned Jang’s gossip about he having affairs with his artistes to him, then found out that he was Jang himself.

Prior to this, Jang had told Oh Seung Ah that he had a unrequittal love with Seo. Seo being too naive never realise that everyday offer of a can of coffee and buying her gimbap was a gesture of that infactuation.

As Lee and Seo was going to Alisan mountain, Seo was napping in the car, and Lee offered his shoulder to the sleeping Seo to rest her head on. At Alisan, while walking, Lee took a photo of a frightened Seo when she heard rocks tumbling down and thought it was a landslide. Seo tried to grab the camera off him and they ended in a compromise situation, lips almost touching, grabbed the camera and scroll to find a photo of Oh in his camera. She realised that Oh was in "Qiu Fen" as well that day. They met Oh and Jang at the location. Oh is wearing Lee’s cap. Lee is embarrassed, Seo is shocked as she know whose cap is it. Jang just looked blur at the threesome.

What Lee Seo Jin said at the Episode 9 preview

At the gym.
Lee Seo Jin: When this drama ends, I have something else to do
Jang Gi Joo: What?
Lee Seo Jin: There is someone I love, and I want to marry her.


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