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Serif WebPlus X5 Tutorial – Getting Started

Create professional-looking sites quickly and easily with WebPlus X5! Start with a design template, replace pictures, add text, and change your colour scheme with this Serif WebPlus X5 tutorial. See for more information, examples and independent press opinions.


01 2013

Just started a web design company now in need of work can someone HELP?

Question by : Just started a web design company now in need of work can someone HELP?
I’ve just started a web design company July 2010, offering seo and hosting. I’m in need of advise on marketing it to get work. If you have at look at my site and give me some advise. The more advise I get the broader community I will beable to cater too.

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Answer by khaled sayed
Personal advice

You may start with free lance web sites and get some work from there to keep the company running, and you will need agents to pass by the local companies in your city/country and start offering your services and solution to the clients

As a starter you need to go to the customer to get the deal, the customer will not come to you in this early step

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08 2012

Getting Started with Google AdWords

This video explores the benefits of AdWords and goes through step-by-step instructions on how to create your first campaign.


08 2012

I just started a new business, looking to promote it on a low budget, besides social media?

Question by : I just started a new business, looking to promote it on a low budget, besides social media?
I have started a new business recently selling services online. I consider myself quite marketing savvy and I have already set up social media pages for my business among other cost-free methods like SEO.
I am looking for another way to promote my business and to bring in buying customers. I have got a low budget, so please keep that in mind.
Any suggestions?

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Answer by Jessy
I have found video testimonials to work superbly in a case like yours. Since your business is new it would be hard to get any visitors to your website, let alone customers. Video testimonials prove to convert the vast majority of users to potential buyers because they would believe other buyers rather than the seller only. Even if you don’t have customers yet, you can still order video testimonials from actor companies.
I have found Genius Testimonials and I use them because they are very professional and offer their services at affordable prices – just what you need.

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07 2012

Getting Started with Apache Solr

Erik Hatcher, co-author of Lucene In Action, leading Lucene and Solr committer, member of the Lucene Project Management Committee, walks through a tutorial for Solr. Erik showcases basic features and touches on what makes Solr tick at a deeper level. Features how queries are parsed under the covers, how facets add power to findability, and how easy it is to interact with Solr from practically any environment. In less than 10 minutes you’ll see all of that and the nuts and bolts of analysis, the main places you’ll be configuring Solr’s schema and request handlers, how to add and delete documents, optimize the index and more. Erik works for Lucid Imagination, a Lucene/Solr support services company he cofounded and programs for.
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05 2012

Blogs: How to Get Started

This video walks you through why actively blogging relevant topics is important for Pool Builders and Pool Industry Professionals.

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04 2012

How Do I Get Started with Industry Research?

Are you doing research on an industry but aren’t sure where to start? This tutorial will show you the best places to start your research. Let’s begin with an overview of what industry reports are and why they are helpful for your research: Industry reports provide a summary of how an industry operates. Industry reports include information like major players in an industry, industry-wide statistics, and current trends affecting an industry. The specifics of what each report will contain will depend on the industry and the report provider. (Homepage, highlighting each section) To find Industry Research databases, Start at the library homepage at Remember to log in with your UWNetID and password to allow full access to resources and databases. (Highlight) Under the “Find It” box, click on the “Subject Guides” link. From here, we will click on “Business”. Click on “Industry Research” to access our industry research guide. Next, click on the “Industry Reports” tab. For most industries, some good databases to start with are Standard and Poors NetAdvantage, First Research, and IBIS World USA. Each database has a different selection of industries and its own way of formatting reports, so it is usually worth it to check multiple databases to see what might work best for you. Standard and Poors provides a broader perspective on an industry while IBIS World USA and First Research cover smaller segments of an industry. For example, Standard and Poors has a single
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04 2012

I want to get started in SEO where do I start. Can anyone point me in the right direction.?

Question by Roderick C: I want to get started in SEO where do I start. Can anyone point me in the right direction.?
I’m currently a marketing major in college. I’m want to get started in Internet marketing, SEO, and SEM. I’ve been reading everything I can of those subjects, plus google analytic.

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Answer by emmasnw
Attend some SEO conferences.

If you need to learn about Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of factors that influence search engine ranking. These articles will get you started:

Organic SEO –

Search Engine Tips –

How to Influence Search Engine Ranking –

SEO Guide –

Spider Food –

Free Web Marketing Tips –

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02 2012

Lesson 1 – Beginners SEO Tutorial Course – Getting Started – In this tutorial we are going to get started on our seo course we are going to talk about google and a few little mistakes that people make.
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01 2012

The keyword research process in SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started from

In SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started, author Jill Whalen explains the importance of site rankings and why search engine optimization is necessary for increasing web site traffic. The course covers choosing the best keywords, performing keyword research, augmenting keywords with search-friendly site architecture, creating social media networking strategies, and measuring the success of an SEO campaign.
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06 2011

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