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Salary for SEM Specialist (Boston area)?

Question by : Salary for SEM Specialist (Boston area)?
I am studying marketing at a southern NH college, and I will graduate this May. I am interested in obtaining a job doing SEM/SEO/PPC as I really enjoy it and I have experience in it from interning at a marketing agency. I wanted to know what is the job outlook for an “SEM Specialist” and what I can reasonably expect my salary to be.

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Answer by Tiffany Miller
The future is bright for anyone in Search Engine Marketing and there is a lot of potential for growth. Starting salary at an agency is normally around $ 30,000 depending on the city you live in. However, because it is a growing industry and very fast paced, pay will increase very quickly if you are smart and dedicated.

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09 2012

What is an seo web marketing specialist?

Question by blah: What is an seo web marketing specialist?
I am looking for a job, and a place is hiring for this. The job description says i would manage website marketing, like search engine oprimization, internet video, blogging, and other things. Also to use traffic tracking apps to recognice patterns and trends to get effective marketing techniques. I would do this freelance since i am 17 and still in school
So what exactly do you do? also it wants examples, so would i need a degree?? and what would examples be?

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Answer by Jane
Search Engine Optimization – Optimize the website for search engines. Make sure the search engines find all pages on the site you want found, make sure they rank for target keyword phrases and get visitors and these visitors take some desired action (buy product, fill form, download file, etc.)

Traffic tracking apps – These tools help you know the number of visitors, how they arrived at the site, what search terms they used if they arrived via search engines. They also let you know the most viewed pages and the number of conversions (desired actions).

Video submissions and blogging – Promoting the website using these media.

You don’t need a degree for this as much as you need experience. You will more likely need to show earlier work done if it is for someone with experience. If it is a position for a new starter, then a degree may help.

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07 2012

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05 2012

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03 2012

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01 2012

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11 2011

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08 2011

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08 2011

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06 2011

seo specialist philippines, web marketing specialist?

Question by alexis a: seo specialist philippines, web marketing specialist?
where can i find affordable seo specialist philippines, web marketing specialist?

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Answer by Alexis A
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06 2011

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