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What’s the process for hiring a web designer for a small company?

Question by P: What’s the process for hiring a web designer for a small company?
The small company I work for asked me to look into hiring a web designer. Where do I begin? Do I need to create a request for proposal or do I create the proposal and put it out to bid? Can anyone help me? I’m not a marketing person. Thanks so much!

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Answer by Webs By Lexi
I am a website designer for businesses, clubs/groups, personal webpages, etc. Depending on exactly what you need, I could probably help you out. If you are interested or if you have any questions, e-mail me at

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10 2012

How can search engine optimization be helpful for small businesses?

Question by : How can search engine optimization be helpful for small businesses?

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Answer by Andrew
Search Engine Optimization helps you a lot whether your business is small .! Performing SEO you’ll see good results on SERP and also on ROI( Revenue on Investment). It helps to expand your business. SEO takes a lot of skill and experience. SEO helps entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners understand and appreciate every aspect of SEO in a logical and practical way. There are so many ways to work on it.

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08 2012

Web Marketing Chicago | Web Design | Small Business Marketing (708) 355 0214

When choosing a web design and web marketing service you will need to know exactly what system works best for your local business. Most of our client bought into “the latest and greatest” new thing and wasted countless hours and money. Let us help you understand exactly what web marketing works best for your business. Call today for a free 15 minute Web marketing Q&A Local Business Lead King – (708) 355-0214 SEO-service Web-marketing-service web-design-service web-site-builder seo-services-for-small-business plumber-web-site bar-website-design Internet-marketing-for-small-business SEO-services Website-design-chicago web-marketing-chicago web-marketing-for-plumbers web-marketing-for-ups-stores web-marketing-for-local-businesses website-design-Oak-lawn web-marketing-Oak-lawn Facebook-marketing local business lead king 6221 w. 93rd place oak lawn, IL. 60453 (708) 355-0214
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08 2012

How can I determine the best Search Engine Optimization package for my small business?

Question by : How can I determine the best Search Engine Optimization package for my small business?

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Answer by Jodie
If you want to keep your SEO efforts in-house, take a look at the Microsoft SEO Toolkit – you can download and start out for free.

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08 2012

5 Easy Steps to Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing a website doesn’t have to be terribly difficult. It’s pretty much just a matter of knowing what and how to do it, and then possessing the proper skills and time to implement it. Aggressive and effective internet marketing not only builds your company’s web presence, it also enables you to become involved with potential customers in new and exciting ways. There is a clear and direct correlation between your marketing budget and revenue growth. The reason why a user visits your website is because they are after information. Whether they are seeking the opinion of a professional, a product, service or review, people are looking for information and answers to questions. Just keep answering the question “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM), as this is the only question that matters to the customer. Text content equals importance on the Internet. You should only have quality, informative content that is easy to understand so visitors can share your message. The most important rule a website must adhere to, is to create an abundance of focused, original content. This will interest your visitors, prompt conversion, encourage word of mouth and attract links from reputable sites. A website that lacks quality content is a failure to both search engines and visitors. Just as you should insert particular content into your website, you should also remove any text that does not assist you will the sales process. for a free download of the 20 page version…
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07 2012

Small Business SEO tips for YouTube videos

Small Business SEO – Get More Customers… You have invested in a professionally produced video and we get your video watched by targeted customers looking for your services. The question becomes how to get your video in front of targeted prospects. We have answered that challenge by developing a unique online method to provide your small business seo video to page one of search engines. When your video appears in the search engines it gives your business an unfair advantage because it grabs the consumers attention. It forces prospects to click on your video. Studies have show that online shoppers will click on a video at a rate of 10 times more when compared to a website. Our 100% risk free offer to you is simple. Built on a core business principle that can only be found here. If our video marketing services make your company a profit then we will be able to keep you as a customer. If they don’t then we do not deserve your business. We will provide you a FREE small business seo for your video: Call us at 407-588-7731 and ask for Josh! small business seo services small business seo tips small business sem small business marketing small business search engine optimization seo company online marketing for small business affordable seo Small Business SEO done right! Visit my youtube channel here:


06 2012

How Social Media Can Help a Small Business with Liana ‘Li’ Evans

In this video interview social media expert Li Evans discusses various ways small businesses can begin to use social media in order to help their businesses connect to their audiences — the engagement factor. First, says Evans, research to find which social media platforms are using when they’re talking about your business. One free research tool is Google Alerts which can send you and e-mail or RSS feed whenever your business keywords are mentioned. Another research tool is Andy Beal’s Next, assess on which social media platforms you can get the greatest return for the resources you have to invest. Small businesses can’t keep with all the social media platforms in terms of consistent engagement, so be selective. However, it’s good to have an account on all of them in case people want to contact you. Now, plan your engagement and messaging — and let employees know of your social media strategy so their possibly negative remarks don’t hurt you. A couple examples of how social media can help small businesses include a restaurant or bar that uses their Facebook page to post their menu, specials, karaoke schedule, and pictures of their patrons — to let their customers know that they are liked. Twitter is used by some businesses to drive foot traffic and to let people know when mobile vendors will be in the area. Liana “Li” Evans is the co-founder of LiBeck Integrated Marketing, that helps clients integrate all marketing channels, including social media, SEO


06 2012

Small Business Seo Services Small Business Seo Services is for any business looking to gain more clients. Seo helps websites rankings in the searcg engines.


05 2012

How To Get More Business – Small Business Marketing This video is all about how to get more business for your company using simple to implement ideas. These are simple marketing strategies you can begin using tomorrow and have more leads knocking on your door within the next 90 days. When you listen to these ways for getting more business you may find yourself coming up with ideas on your own. Use this opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and start generating more business as soon as possible.
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05 2012

What is a good way to search for jobs in small businesses?

Question by James R: What is a good way to search for jobs in small businesses?
I think it is easy to search job postings for larger companies, but what about finding non-tech, marketing/management positions in small or start-up companies?

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Answer by whatever

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05 2012

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