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Is there a search engine, that matches skills with careers?

Question by : Is there a search engine, that matches skills with careers?
Is there a search engine, where either:
You type in your skills and lack of skills and it gives you potential careers.
OR: You type in a career, and it tells you the skills you need for the Career.
I am not looking for work with particular companies, i am just looking for names of careers
Please just send me a hyperlink for the website, Thanks.

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Answer by Boo

This is an irish site to help you find the right career. If you take the career skills self assessment test, it will give you an idea of what you would be good at, and what careers it thinks would interest you, in what areas. Hope this helps!

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09 2012

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07 2012

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03 2012

Skills To Pay The Bills

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02 2012

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08 2011

proof my seo skills rock!

proof my seo skills rock!
google search engine optimization
Image by Doctor Hyde
proof my search engine optimization skills work,

a simple search on google for ‘red91’ returned over 12,500 hits

… the first of which is to my site!

and no, i didn’t pay a dime out to anyone to do it, all my own work.

groovy baby!!!

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04 2011

What are some SEO or web marketing jobs, in a company setting, that don’t require programming skills?

Question by Just_like_George: What are some SEO or web marketing jobs, in a company setting, that don’t require programming skills?
To be clear: I’m familiar with very basic HTML and how to use blogging platforms like WordPress. I’m looking for examples of jobs where you work for a company (not self employed or free lancing) that revolve around SEO and web marketing. NOT article writing or micro site blogging. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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Answer by Rock Harders
Well I don’t really see how you can be an SEO person without having good writing skills which you attain by:

– writing blogs (micro blogging)
– knowing something about programming
– having great communication skills

The guy we hired is really awesome because he practices all the aforementioned!

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04 2011

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