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Tastefully Simple | How to Grow Your Business Struggling in your Tastefully Simple business? Are you in need of an injection of targeted leads? If s…


03 2013

SEO – Simple? Easy? Other…

Search Engine Optimisation is the bedrock of online marketing for automotive businesses. It aims to drive more traffic and visitors to your website by continually improving your site’s natural rankings. 94% of consumers now use the internet for vehicle research and 85% of those start with search engines. So visibility online is more important than ever. Like a car you don’t just buy it and never maintain it. You need to fill it up with fuel, get it serviced and MOT’d. Similarly your website needs regular maintenance and evaluation to ensure its continual performance. Ultimately when a consumer types a keyword related to your business into search engines like Google, you want your website to be at the top of the results page. SEO also helps visitors find the products and services that you offer. Apart from making your website visible in search engines, SEO is very cost effective compared to other forms of web marketing. It is highly measurable and you can calculate accurate return on investment from your expenditure. GForces’ SEO techniques can help generate up to 60% of all the sales opportunities in your dealership and this is typically at less than £3.00 per lead. So drive your digital dealership marketing to the top with GForces SEO.
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05 2012

How to take a simple survey – video tutorial – taking a simple survey tutorial. If you like high quality free stuff about seo please visit our website. We have lots of free information. Let us get your website to the top of google. Please note this video is not created by Local SEO. We think it’s very informative and would like to share with our clients.


03 2012

How to do Absolutely Easy Simple SEO How to do Absolutely Easy Simple SEO by Teena Hughes ———————————— In this edition of Your Biz Hot Tips, I show you how to do Absolutely Easy Simple SEO. Forget learning about researching keywords, trends, search volumes and which ones bring the most traffic – let’s start with the easiest SEO lesson you’ll ever find. In the next edition I’ll give you the next lesson on how to proceed with the SEO on your website. Make sure you’ve signed up for YOUR BIZ HOT TIPS so you don’t miss out. I hope you enjoyed this quick video about Absolutely Easy Simple SEO. If you’d like to see more videos and tutorials like this, please visit my Youtube Channel or my website: or blog …………………. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on my quick video tips as they happen, feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel http – or sign up for my Newsletter (link is below). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 …………………………. If you would like to learn more about websites, hosting, WordPress and all the things you need to know about the internet, you might like to sign up for my newsletter – YOUR BIZ HOT TIPS : If you’d like to contact me, you can post a message on Youtube: or Twitter – or Facebook – or my site – I look forward to chatting with you REAL SOON
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02 2012

60 Free Visitors With Simple SEO Trick

. Find out the simple SEO trick that got me 60 free visitors for just a few seconds work. This was a simple SEO mis-spelling technique that anyone could use to get more visitors to their sites.


01 2012

Article Marketing Made Simple (Search Engine Optimization Strategies For People On The Go)

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12 2011

How can I get my website to rank in the 1ST page for Google? Are there any simple ways to do it easy?

Question by timefan: How can I get my website to rank in the 1ST page for Google? Are there any simple ways to do it easy?
I have tried so many ways and always end up being penalized for using fast website optimization tricks. Any hints and tricks will be appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by Fire-up the Truth Directly
That is because you practice “blackhat SEO” which is neither good for your business and for consumers.
First things first,
1-Make sure your content is written in proper english
2-Make sure to put use all the neccessary tags eg, H1,H2,H3 etc
3-Tag your images with keywords relevant to your website
4-Include your keywords in your content headings
5-Do on page keyword optimization
6-Build relevants links
7-Contribute in forums while using forum signature as in most forums
8-Make sure that your content is syndicateable
9-Write and submit press release
10-Make sure your website has contact address and contact numbers
11-Make sure your website is secured
12-Make sure you know your customers and are selling what your customers want
13-submit your site to directories
14-Do not submit your website to major search engines but let them find it.
15-Avoid keyword stuffing
16-Avoid plagiarism
17-Make sure your website has new content always
With these simples steps, you can head on with the basics of SEO and will not be penalized.

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11 2011

SEO For Your SMB: A Simple Guide for SMBs to Implement SEO

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11 2011

Is there any difference between Organic SEO & Simple SEO?

Question by misti n: Is there any difference between Organic SEO & Simple SEO?

Best answer:

Answer by memetrader
There is no difference.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not rocket science but it does require a enormous amount of experience if you are to avoid the misinformation prevalent on the web.

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10 2011

SEO Made Simple (second edition): Strategies For Dominating The World’s Largest Search Engine

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10 2011

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