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I’m a silversmith/jewelry designer. Can I sell on Blogger? How do I add my company to search engines?

Question by Jessica: I’m a silversmith/jewelry designer. Can I sell on Blogger? How do I add my company to search engines?
I have a Yahoo 360 page listed under Jessica Dow, which is open to the public. Somone with experience might get a better idea of the best market for my work after seeing some examples. I also have links there to on-line portfolios and my new BLOGGER page ( which has some larger pictures of my custom work). I already have a few things on eBAY, on a trial basis. But I don’t think eBAY is the right place for work such as mine. Any advice would be very helpful. I’m planning on starting a professional web-site, but most of the web-site designers I’ve seen charge prices currently not within my budget. I know there are site-builders, but I don’t want a cheap knock off design ( template ) for my site. I want my site to reflect the same quality and beauty as the work I sell there. If that means I have to wait to hire a high priced professional, I’ll do that. I’d appreciate hearing of any other options.

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Answer by kayleigh
That’s a good idea–I’d first thoroughly read Blogger’s TOS (Terms of Service), their rules, etc. To make sure, I’d e-mail them (there’s most likely a contact link somewhere on the website) asking about your business and your ideas to sell on Blogger. It doesn’t seem necessary, but imagine your site being shut down to all the customers and the consequences of breaking the rules (if there are any against it, that is).

As for getting it noticed, a good first step is to get a ‘dot-tk’. Basically, you pick a URL for your website (like After that, you submit your Blogger URL, and anyone who types the URL from .tk is will be redirected to your site. So if they type in, that will be the URL in the bar, but your Blogger will load. It does have one page of advertisments beore redirecting, but it allows you to put in keywords to help people find your site on search engines. Even if no one uses the .tk URL, just having your site up on search engines is a benefit itself!

As for a professional website design–I’ll make you one, free-of-charge. No links, nothing. I know, coming from someone you hardly know (and for free), it sounds like I wouldn’t be able to do a quality job, but I will–I’ll do it because I enjoy it. Contact me with details if you want me to make a layout, good luck with selling!

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