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Niche Site Duel: How To Setup And Outsource Your Niche Website Using WordPress Inside this tutorial I show you how to setup your domain name, hosting and install WordPress for the Niche Website challenge. During this process I explain to you how my outsourced team sets all of this up for me, whilst I continue to focus on many other projects. They receive a checklist and go ahead with the completion of these tasks on my behalf. Watch how they do it inside this video. For more videos and resources like this, visit:
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02 2013

Casual setup!

Casual setup!
seo business
Image by Interact Egypt – Play Innovation
The place setup including bean bags, chairs, ground seeting! It was really all non-formal, casual setup.

Interact Egypt Website
Interact Egypt Twitter Account
Interact Egypt facebook Fanpage
Interact Egypt Linkedin Page
Egypt Innovation Entrepreneurs Linkedin Group

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07 2012

Setup YouTube Sponsored PPC Search: The New Google Adwords Watch this step-by-step video about how to setup a new YouTube account and start advertising on YouTube’s Sponsored search (If you’ve already got a YouTube account, skip forward a little bit). Then Tune in to my live Internet marketing broadcast @ 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time every Tuesday… I’ll give out tips and tricks on using Sponsored Search. Head on over to: To watch live, or subscribe to my online marketing newslatter where I’ll teach you about ppc (pay per click), adsense, affiliate programs, SEO (search engine optimization) and more. I’ll also announce every time I’m going live on my online marketing show and will take your questions on the air. See you there!
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04 2012

LinkedIn Company Page Tutorial: Setup Service & Product Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Page Tip by In this video, I’m going to show you how to add products or services to your LinkedIn company page. SUBSCRIBE. RATE. COMMENT. It’s very simple to do. They make it very easy. What we’re going to do is we’re going to come over to our actual LinkedIn company page here. Mine right here is Local Pulse Marketing. I’m just going to click on that. That brings me to my company page, which I was already on. We don’t want to edit the Overview page. How the company page works in the editing, is whatever page you’re on here and you go over to Admin tools and you hit Edit—That’s the page you’re going to be editing. We want to edit the actual Service pages so we’re going to go over to the Services tab and we get to fill out this page, top to bottom if we want. How we do that, now that we’re on the Services page, we get to actually go click on Edit. First of all, you get to create unique service pages for each demographic that you’re targeting or different target audience that you want to talk to in a specific way on your company page. It’s really a cool feature right there. Down here is your main summary overview that shows up on your Services Overview page. This is the title to our products and services. Down here you see those banners. There are actually three banners that show up. You get to add your image right here, a banner image that you like and link to the specific link on your website or your Facebook page or wherever you


03 2012

How to Setup and Configure the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Presented by SEO Expert Steve Wiideman, this tutorial is a walk-through of how one might use the various options within the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, including: Customizing post titles and meta descriptions Robots Meta configuration Canonical URL specifications Setting up breadcrumbs Cleaning up permalinks Configuring XML sitemaps RSS enhancements Editing your robots.txt and .htaccess Cleaning up the head section Set this up yourself, or have us do it for you beginning mid-May at
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02 2012

Setup a squeeze page with optimize press and aweber for wordpress Learn the ins and outs of wordpress, learn how to optimize your website for maximum traffic and conversions. Find the best tecniques to monetize your website at no cost to you. Sign up for free at: See you there!
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01 2012

Killer Mac SEO SEM Tips : RapidWeaver Setup Tutorial – Search Engine Domination — RapidWeaver Search Engine Optimization website setup tips. How to craft your RW project and headers for maximum on-page power for your most important keywords, add stats and analytics, plus Social bookmarking tools as part of your off-page SEM marketing strategy.
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10 2011

Small Business: How to setup an account in MA?

Question by docbaseball2003: Small Business: How to setup an account in MA?
My goal is to start doing Internet work for business such as instilling scripts, CSS coding and SEO. I know paypal has a $ 500 limit for personal accounts. If I setup a business account with my bank in the state of MA as doing small business, I am now forced to pay for a business certificate so my state can tax the hell out of me! I heard the government now asks you question such as how much property do you own and all the BS! All I want to do is design sites and SEO work such I get some $ $ $ $ in to help pay for classes. I am studying to become a sports agent.

My question is how can I get around the BS of not having to setup a business account(paying BS taxes), while receiving more then $ 500 from places such as paypal?

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Answer by call p
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09 2011

How To Setup a Facebook Fan Page and Custom URL See exactly how to setup a Facebook fan page of your own PLUS get an exclusive URL like For more online marketing tips, check out my blog at
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07 2011


california seo
Image by funkandjazz



04 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions