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Are You Unhappy With Your Internet Service Provider? Archaeme over at asked, “I hear a lot of people complaining about Comcast (service, throttling, etc.), but why don’t they use another ISP?” This is a good question, and the answer may surprise you. Even in this modern Internet age, a good Internet service provider is hard to come by. In most areas, service is only available from a select few with a single provider dominating the market. There are hundreds of small companies out there offering “unlimited” bandwidth and advertising high-speed connections only to fail at delivering on their promise. This leaves you with the option of forking over large sums of money to receive reasonably stable and consistent service or having to clench your teeth as your connection is regularly interrupted in order to save a few bucks. You can weigh in on this question and more like it here: http


03 2013

Looking for good ways to market a service?

Question by Jeff B: Looking for good ways to market a service?
I have business ideas but always get stuck on how to market them. Do you have any marketing methods that have worked well for you in the past? These could be online or off line. Thank you for your help

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Answer by TradeMark Express
Have you thought about pay per click programs? The two biggest, I think, are Yahoo! and Google

A couple free resources – check out the sources box for links:

1) Create a blog pertaining to your field

2) Use Yahoo! 360, Yahoo! Local & Yahoo! Groups

Also, consider signing up for an affiliate program. These programs enable you to advertise on other’s sites (your affiliates) and once a sale is made to you, your affiliates & the program are paid a commission.

I listed a few handy sites & articles relating to marketing, promotion & advertising. I hope they’re helpful for you.

Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

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12 2012

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12 2012

Can someone explain to me what happened to event marketing service provider MICE group?

Question by netpress1: Can someone explain to me what happened to event marketing service provider MICE group?
What was the cause of this company’s demise. I heard rumors of profitability problems – could someone explain further? Why not profitable?

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Answer by JORGE W

There are many ways to market a small business on the web. You can buy banner ads, text links, or use PPC. However, the best way is to get listed in a bunch of portals. Portals and directories are like phone books, and they often provide a lot of traffic because they tend to rank high on Google.

This portal is giving away a free business card holder for lising your business (I got mine a few days ago in the mail). If you want to know about some other portals, just let me know.

Best of Luck

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11 2012

How to Sell : Learn to Sell Your Product or Service

Visit our website for more videos How to Sell ; selling a product, service or even an idea ? In this episode we examine the art of selling as well as what you need to have before selling your idea. Whatever the circumstances of your sale you have to know your customers and target market. Identify the need of your clients and create a proposal either written or just as a mental reference, this would be your sales letter. Know core values of your product and how they address your customer’s needs and wants..Selling your idea can be a challenging task. In this episode of StartMeUp Videos we invited Albert Behr to walk us through the process of patent search, product development and finally selling your product. He provides insights on how to protect your idea and how . Albert provides examples from his experience on trade marks, copyright and commercialization of ideas. You can examine the different channels that you can use to sell your product. Sales can be different based on what you are selling, different channels and distributions can be used and you need to analyse your options. We ask him about sales and marketing your product with a limited amount of resources as well as the challenges of a startup might face in regards to the competition. Patents Guide : Canadian Patents Data Base
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10 2012

Does someone know a good Internet marketing services including search engine optimization service?

Question by John S: Does someone know a good Internet marketing services including search engine optimization service?
I’m looking for professional help for search engine optimization (SEO). Who can recommend a good service with good reputations?

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Answer by seth r
ya check out they do great deals on directory submission which is a key part of link building.

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09 2012

Social Media Management Service – Maria Johnsen Does your business have an online presence on social media websites? Hire dedicated social media marketing management.
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09 2012

Search Engine Service Brisbane QLD | 0418 750 166 search engine Service brisbane qld 0418 750 166 We are a Brisbane based website marketing company with a core group of experts in Website Design, Content, Search Engine and Social Media Marketing, Mobile Phone and Tablet applications.
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09 2012

You Tube Traffic SEO Service – Ben Brophy Top 4 Spots in YouTube within 4 weeks / Simon Coulson – Get yourself within the top 4 spots of YouTube within 4 weeks with this totally unique, private service. We will get your video within a top 4 spot within 4 weeks or your money back! For the very first time you can now tap into me and my teams expert knowledge and unique personally tailored strategy, gained from over 6 years testing & tracking. What it means is that you get to do what most people fail to do and get straight near the top of YouTube for your keywords More importantly, it gets you there QUICKLY. Even if some people do manage to do this it can take them years! This means that your videos are visible and it means you’re at the top and not your competition
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09 2012

I would like to promote my business site? Is there any SEO service that provides free website promotion? Help!?

Question by : I would like to promote my business site? Is there any SEO service that provides free website promotion? Help!?

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Answer by selva
You can use to promote your website

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08 2012

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