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03 2013

Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?

Question by Striker: Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?
I want to have an always-on motion activated security camera that supports wifi or even wired ethernet that can upload to a web server or ftp. I don’t want to leave my computer on all the time.

Best answer:

Answer by yardstickwhack
Yes. They are called IP or Network cameras.

Here are a few. I actually work for this company. Funny I ran across your post while answering miscellaneous questions. If you ordered from us, your camera would likely pass through my hands.

Another guy mentioned Netbotz. They are proprietary. If you want temperature readings from them, you need to buy their whole system. If you’re going to do that, they are not the best. Pelco dominates the high end of this market, but they cost a fortune. If you want what you asked for which is just a camera by itself with a lot of uploading options and motion detection, I suggest a network camera by Toshiba, Canon, Axis, or Vivotek. If you want insane resolution as well, look at IQ Eye (but costly).

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11 2012

Incapsula: Bringing web speed and security to the masses

Web site security and speed are essentials for any business that values its Internet presence. If you run a small business, however, acquiring these essentials can be prohibitively expensive and/or time consuming. Incapsula has developed a solution that addresses these concerns. “We found over the past few years that real security and accelerations are something that only the upper echelon of web sites are able to afford,” explains Gur Shatz, Co-Founder and CEO of Incapsula. “At Incapsula, we’re trying to solve this issue. We’re trying to bring security and acceleration…into the mainstream.” While your hosting company likely provides a level of security for your web infrastructure, it’s what you put on top of that infrastructure that can lead to problems. Applications are typically where the problems are found, and when a vulnerability is discovered, Incapsula steps in and provides a “virtual patch” to block potential attacks. Incapsula’s customers are able to access the service without installing any additional hardware or software. You simply make a DNS change, and you’re up and running. Through its access to the Internet backbone and its optimization techniques, Incapsula adds increased speed to its security offerings. “You want your web site to run fast,” says Marc Gaffan, Incapsula’s Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development. “If it’s running fast, your [search engine optimization] rankings are going to improve, your visitor experience is going to


06 2012


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Best answer:

Answer by Tarun J
it is fraud surely.
i have got a lot of email of this and other than this too and replied of two or three of them then they send a form and asked us to submit a procesiing fee which they wanted, the money.
never give them the money u earned with nur hardwork.
deletethe message or mark them as spam.

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06 2012

Mastering Mambo: E-Commerce, Templates, Module Development, SEO, Security, and Performance

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09 2011

I want to build SEO ranking for my new security company. Question follows:?

Question by Scott D: I want to build SEO ranking for my new security company. Question follows:?
I was told that each page should site the most valued keywords which are:

Los Angeles security guards
security guards los angeles
security los angeles
security company los angeles etc..

obviously, I can’t (in an artful way) cite all of this these in the home page text—it’s awkward…but can I place them in black on the side of the home page where there is black color or I could put them in dark brown—in other words, they won’t show up…Is that unethical or will it be seen as an unsavory tactic (by Google) or is it perfectly acceptable, even smart?

Best answer:

Answer by aat.rupesh
you have to hire one seo for this work..and we are perfect in this work. in 3 month we make your website top in the google rank..

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03 2011

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