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Houston SEO (832) 224-8077 Generate Sales Leads In Days SEO Houston

Houston SEO Call (832) 224-8077 ~~ Houston Internet Marketing Services. Without the help of a competent Houston SEO marketing firm by your side, your business is doomed if it previously relied on printed yellow pages advertising. Also, just having a website online is not going to get you the attention you need to generate sales leads. The only way most prospects, can find a business owners website in Houston or any or place today, is to read it from their business card. There are three main ways to get sales leads from the internet besides pay per click (PPC) or from advertising on another company or person’s website. By gaining natural rank with your website (organic SEO), Local Search (Google Places), and finally via Video on Youtube, and Google Video. This is where you can use the super sharp skills of someone with over 12 years of online marketing to get your sales information in front of the people want to spend money on your products. Call Chris or David @ 832-224-8077 or email us at and find out how we can get your phone ringing with qualified potential sales leads that you can convert or turn into clients right now. The procedures we use are all within the terms of service with all search engines, and websites, and garner the best return on investment that you can find to date. This is a great service for Houston realtors, pest control in Houston, carpet cleaning Houston, and Houston Used Cars. If you are Family Law


10 2012

The Website Is Down Sales Guy vs Web Dude

Hilarious mash up of real-world IT problems involving hapless tech support and the retards who interrupt his Halo-playing.
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09 2012

I need some suggestions for my website on tips to increase sales.?

Question by ljestal: I need some suggestions for my website on tips to increase sales.?
I designed the best template I thought would be appealing. I coded it to be as user friendly as possible. It was a SEO rating of 100% for search engine friendlyness and I spend around $ 200 a day in google PPC. I get 1-2 sales a day and sometimes none. My website is does anyone have any suggestions on things to improve or how to get more sales?

Best answer:

Answer by Penelope S
One of the best things i ever did was look in to taking surveys online. I now collect close to an extra $ 500 a week for me and my family. I will caution you though there are a lot of unethical sites. If you want check out thats how i got started. Hope tis does you good

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09 2012

The Website Is Down – Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

The Website Is Down – Sales Guy vs. Web Dude


09 2012

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09 2012

This Week in Sales – Your Hiring Process Sucks And You Don’t Even Know It

Kevin Gaither’s interviews Andrew Chase, VP of Business Development of PPI Sales Search, about best practices for hiring managers and how to tweak your resume for optimal performance. 00:00 Cold Open 00:35 Intro, Andrew Chase 00:56 What’s your strangest candidate interview of all-time? 02:12 Andrew’s background as a sales professional 03:35 How to get the best candidates possible. 04:30 So it’s not a problem if a hiring manager preps a candidate for an interview? 05:15 You better be able to close an interview! 06:45 Who’s winning right now in the world of hiring managers? 07:30 Getting creative as a recruiter to get the best possible candidates. 08:20 Talking compensation with a high-quality candidate. 10:15 There’s a difference between desperation and urgency. 12:00 Partner with your recruiter, be creative in offers, & maintain a quick & transparent process 13:00 “People will kill their grandmother to work at Google.” 14:00 What can candidates do to separate themselves from the competition? 16:15 “Does a fancy resume separate you or make you look like a chump?” 18:10 How should I spend my time preparing for an interview? 19:00 Prep your answer to these three questions: how are you going to make me money, save me money, or save me time? 20:00 Anticipate questions and prep answers with situation/action/results answers 21:30 Wear a suit, be conserative in your presentation style, and do research on yourself and your specific answers. 23:00 Andrew brutally dissects a resume
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08 2012

Can anyone please recommend a training portal covering sales and marketing web seminars?

Question by Graham S: Can anyone please recommend a training portal covering sales and marketing web seminars?
My company is planning to take up training for our staff online, a different approach to the contemporary off line seminars. I would like to know whether any websites out there can help us in delivering best content and trainers on sales, marketing, time management, prospecting, etc,. and how long these web seminars lasts? what’s the price they are going to charge to attend these trainings?

Best answer:

Answer by David G
Hi there,

I have attended online sales training programs from; they are professionals and all of their topics are content rich and delivered by Industry experts and top speakers like Jim Cathcart, Orvel Ray Wilson, Connie Kadansky, Karla Brandau, Jenae Rubin, Don McNamara, Alan Rigg, Tim Connor and many more.

Have a look at their offerings; the training programs they have are either Live or On Demand recorded versions. The training programs are only one hour long against off line seminars which are a day or half-day long. The price they charge for attending these training programs are $ 199/person.

All the best for innovative approach on staff training.

David G

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08 2012

30 Best Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog – #18 All In One SEO Pack | Sales Tip A Day

30 Best Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog – #18 All In One SEO Pack | Sales Tip A Day
marketing seo
Image by Sales Tip A Day…

The All in One SEO Pack for your Word Press website will help you figure out how to promote your blog to a wider audience. Find out more here.


07 2012

Without going into the usually rehashed details and sales pitches–ad nausem–what’s the best way to…?

Question by : Without going into the usually rehashed details and sales pitches–ad nausem–what’s the best way to…?
attract traffic to any number of your own sites?

Repetiveness? Steady spelunking of pork rinds? Gradual self-promotion over the course of the next 20 years?


I know that cyberspace is overloaded with dead sites, and sh*t which would make most people go, “Huh”? and: “Say what…?” and there’s just too much garbage going on about search engines this, and adding your sites to such, and yadda, yadda, yadda…

But what I’ve found is that “buying” space to advertise doesn’t work as well as it should, and quite frankly, finding all those sites which claim “free” is basically a rip off.


Anything creative you could throw in my direction which I hadn’t thought of. It’s not a matter of priority or urgency here. I had just been thinking about this for the last 2 hours now while perusing the message boards on Answers, answering questions and stuff, so I’d thought I’d throw this out and see what people would say.

Best answer:

Answer by lookforadam
Not much, apparently 😉 Must have been too long a question for the standard answers user.

You were closest with your third guess – gradual (and consistent) self promotion including two main elements: adding decent content to your sites, and getting links to your sites.

The first element helps with your search engine ranking (yadda yadda) and keeps people coming back and talking about how great your site is to other people.

The second element helps with your search engine ranking (yadda yadda) and keeps new people discovering your site from wherever you are getting links.

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07 2012

Sales Cloud – Marketing & Lead Management

The Sales Cloud is the world’s number #1 sales application. With the Sales Cloud you can manage all your marketing in one place and track all kinds of metrics across all channels, like lead volume, pipeline and you can even see actual ROI based on closed sales all within your CRM. See how the Marketing and Leads features make it easy to implement marketing automation, lead management, as well as lead tracking and overall reporting. Learn more at
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06 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions