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News Roundtable with Marshall Kirkpatrick – TWiST #188

Join our new mailing list and be the first to learn about upcoming guests! Go to 0:00-1:00 Welcome to the TWiST News Roundtable. 1:00-3:30 Today we’re with Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb. 3:30-4:30 Marshall, if you could give us one year of your life to give Steve Jobs five, would you do it? 4:30-7:00 Lon, what about you? 7:00-9:00 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the show. Check them out at 9:00-10:00 This week’s top story is that Twitter has introduced an analytics platform. How effective do you think this will be for publishers? 11:30-14:00 Are the analytics paid or free? 14:00-16:45 Marshall, what are your thoughts on the board shake up? 16:45-21:30 Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft are banding together in an ad deal. What do you think, Marshall? 21:30-22:45 Doesn’t Flipboard seem a little busy? 22:45-25:00 Details have emerged about YouTube’s co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s plans for Delicious. Will they be able to make it popular with the masses? 26:30-29:00 Marshall: What is about Pinterest that people like so much? 29:00-31:00 Jason: I could hire someone to put a kitten in their cleavage and have the most successful site on the Internet. 31:00-32:30 Thank you to Carbonite for sponsoring the show. 32:30-33:15 Google is reportedly going to launch a new service called Propellor that will be a Flipboard-like app. What does everyone think? 37:45-39:30 Jason: I found out about Scarlett Johansonn’s nude pictures from Ranker
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02 2013

Ecommerce Goes Social: Twitter | Ecommerce Roundtable – In this second episode of our Ecommerce Goes Social series, Matt, Kate and Sarah discuss best practices for designing and managing your Twitter page for your online store. You’ll also learn how to reflect your store design, convey the voice of your business and bring traffic from your Twitter page to your store. Watch the video and visit our blog for more information.


01 2013

The Importance of Link Building to Increase Your SEO | Volusion Ecommerce Roundtable – Welcome to another episode of Ecommerce Roundtable by Volusion. Today, Matt, Molly and Landon discuss the importance of link building to increase your SEO and be found within the search results of the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing). If you have more questions, visit Volusion’s blog at
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12 2012

Greenlight’s International Roundtable: Chapter 1

Representatives from Boots, TM Lewin, Goodman and Perform discuss with Greenlight’s Client Services Director, Chris Bland, and Social Media Director, Simon Rogers, the challenges they have faced in creating a global online marketing strategy and the approaches they have taken to get it right. Chapter 1: Is “Delivery, Currency, Language” the best sequence when setting up in foreign countries? Listen to the panel discussing how delivery pricing cuts margins in half, localised pricing strategy drives higher conversions and tax considerations are among the topics under discussion in chapter 2.


08 2012

5,000 Articles at Search Engine Roundtable

5,000 Articles at Search Engine Roundtable
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07 2012

Google Technology RoundTable: Map Reduce

Meet four of Google’s Map Reduce expert engineers, Google Fellow Sanjay Ghemawat, Google Fellow Jeff Dean, Software Engineer Jerry Zhao and Software Engineer Matt Austern and watch as they discuss the origin, evolution and future of Map Reduce with Alfred Spector, Google VP of Research and Special Iniatives.
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07 2012

What PPC Changes Did Google Make This Time? | Ecommerce Roundtable – After discussing Google updates in the SEO world, search marketing experts, Alison and Mia, explain the latest in Google changes for PPC campaigns. Watch the video and visit Volusion’s blog for more information.
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05 2012

– Startups – News roundtable with Jason Nazar, Brian Alvey and James Altucher

In the inaugural News Roundtable edition of TWiST, Brian Alvey, Jason Nazar and James Altucher join Jason and Tyler to discuss the hottest topics in startups, tech and investing. Issues bandied about include the Huffington Post to AOL sale, Google’s +1 button and–buzzword of all buzzwords–the infamous, rumored bubble. 3:30-5:30 Ad for MailChimp, a comprehensive email solution for any size business. 5:30-8:30 Arianna Huffington and the AOL sale debate: Should she pay bloggers a one-time bonus? 8:30-11:30 Jason Nazar and Tyler, what are your takes on the issue? 11:30-23:45 A video was released of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant in Zimbabwe. Right or wrong? 23:45-26:00 Google debuted +1 this week. Do you think this is window dressing or is there actually a product consumers want in social search? 25:00-25:45 What is the ideal consumer experience? 25:45-28:00 So if you +1 something, and somehow it was synced, and you saw I bought the Samsung 55 inch LED TV, that is important info to have in the search? Is this any kind of a game-changer? 28:00-29:30 What do you think is going on over there (Google) with regards to social? 29:30-31:00 Does the social network have to be tied to the search engine? Why can’t they create a dedicated URL for a social network? 31:00-32:15 What’s your experience with them, Jason Nazar? How are you dealing with Google and the content farms? 32:15-33:30 Do you think they actually made search better at the end of the day? By how much? 33


05 2012

SEO for the Holidays | Ecommerce Roundtable – Looking for some ways to boost your online store’s ranking in search results before the holidays come around? Make the most of your SEO time by watching today’s roundtable.
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02 2012

SEO & SEM Masters Roundtable Discussion

Featuring Rand Fishkin, CEO & Founder of, Chris Boggs, President of SEMPO, Alex Cohen, Senior Marketing Manager of ClickEquations, and Jamie Smith, CEO of Engine Ready,


12 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions