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How to Market in the Right Place, at the Right Time | Two Minute Tuesday Ever feel like you’re marketing to a big pool of people that don’t want to listen? Perhaps you’re not marketing to the right people at the right time. Watch today’s episode of Two Minute Tuesday to learn what focus you should have through each stage of the buying cycle.
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01 2013

How do i find the right training for network marketing?

Question by Belen Weaver: How do i find the right training for network marketing?
Hi I have been looking online for a reliable place to find out more about the things I will need to know to become successful at network marketing. Does anyone know of any effective programs or courses offered online? Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by Noora K
There are lots of independent resources on the web for network marketers. A major one is The Direct Selling Education Foundation.

Personally, my business is a party-plan business, so the resources I am aware of focus more on maximizing that kind of a business. Many have blogs, and will occasionally mention collegues. Here are a few:

Julie Ann Jones
Tammy Stanley
Jen Fong
Belinda Ellsworth
Deb Bixler
The Lemon Aid Lady
Lyn Conway

That being said, your company and upline should also provide you with the majority of the training that you need. I would suggest utilizing those resources first, then checking out the above mentioned people to find their Facebook pages and blogs for free resources. Once you’re familiar with any given trainer’s style, you might consider investing in a paid course they might offer.

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12 2012

I have a website and right now I can’t really afford to start an ppc campaign?

Question by Tom J: I have a website and right now I can’t really afford to start an ppc campaign?
could I use Goggles ad word tool just for plain organic seo keyword research? One thing I don’t understand about adword is if you are bidding for keywords and for example I bid 0.50 for a keyword and someone else offers a $ 1.00 that means that person wins the word and I could not use it when I started a ppc adsword campaign? It may sound like a stupid question but I just don’t know?

Best answer:

Answer by Ian L
There are many ways to market on a small budget. I have encountered the same problem and would like to help.

Contact my business at

I won’t charge and would love to help you out. Helping network people are a great way to get your name out.

Hope to hear from you and good luck!

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09 2012

How to find the right SEO company?

Question by : How to find the right SEO company?
I am trying to find a search engine optimization company for months. The problem is, is that there are many promises but they are unreliable. I spend a lot of money without any results. How to find a company you can rely and trust ?

Best answer:

Answer by Shaishavi
I can suggest one company who has good seo experience and i have practical experience with this company expert i can just share email address for that company. contact him i m sure you will get your site on top in major search engine

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09 2012

How To: unclog a bath tub drain the right way

Don’t use a coat hanger or wire thing. I used to until I watched a plumber unplug out the tub drain the correct way. Youtube video or film that solves your clogged drain problem. Hope this helps somebody, hits 🙂 In no time at all, or under 5 minutes, this video was made in real time and shows the correct way to unclog a tub drain. Watch me remove the over fill lever, and pull the hair clog out of the over fill hole. The spring at the end of the lever assembly catches the hair clog. Additionaly this video shows the simple remedy to get the clog. Should the clog be further down the drain pipes, then the use of a plumber’s auger or “snake” would be used. Save eighty bucks on a plumber and do it yourself. Unplug a pop-up type drain in a bath tub. Get all the hair the first try. Real time video fixed in less than 5 minutes. If you call a plumber to clear a tub drain, it will cost at least or 0 or more. Watch the video and maybe save some money. basen fürdőkád ванна Badewanne “bak mandi” vasca banheira bañera
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06 2012

Choosing the right SEO agency for your business

Finding the right SEO agency to partner with can be complex – you need to find the right mix of technical acumen, commercial understanding and creativity. So what questions do you ask and how do you know how to budget for SEO? Here’s a few basic tips from dotSearch’s Marketing Manager Luella Ben Aziza (who has had the pleasure of recruiting several agencies!) for marketers considering hiring a new SEO agency. Who is dotSearch? dotSearch is the London Bridge based search marketing arm of the dotDigital Group plc – the parent company to dotMailer, the UK’s leading email marketing service provider, dotSurvey – the best online survey tool in the universe, and dotSearch and dotAgency, who together build beautiful websites that convert. Got questions? Just get in touch – call 0207 654 8675, email or tweet @dotSearch. We’ll be happy to help. You can also download a free quick-guide to hiring a new agency at where you find a direct link to the latest eConsultancy UK SEO agencies buyer’s guide and other free, related resources.


05 2012

Lil Wayne & Drake – Right Above It (Music Video)

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05 2012

I want to get started in SEO where do I start. Can anyone point me in the right direction.?

Question by Roderick C: I want to get started in SEO where do I start. Can anyone point me in the right direction.?
I’m currently a marketing major in college. I’m want to get started in Internet marketing, SEO, and SEM. I’ve been reading everything I can of those subjects, plus google analytic.

Best answer:

Answer by emmasnw
Attend some SEO conferences.

If you need to learn about Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of factors that influence search engine ranking. These articles will get you started:

Organic SEO –

Search Engine Tips –

How to Influence Search Engine Ranking –

SEO Guide –

Spider Food –

Free Web Marketing Tips –

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02 2012

SEO Your Blog the Right Way

With well over 100 million blogs online, it’s certainly not easy to get noticed. But blogging is inherently SEO friendly. Why? Because search engines look for fresh content. And if you’re using your blog correctly (ie you’re updating it consistenly) then getting great SEO results is just a matter of time. One good way to differentiate yourself is to find a niche. Even if you’re in a crowded industry, you have to search out niches within that industry. This is where SEO comes in. The first thing you must do is target the keywords your customers, or potential customers, are using to find solutions in your industry. Keywords are, well, key. You want to select keywords that are popular and relevant to your site. At the same time, you don’t want to target what I call crowded keyword markets. For example, let’s say you’re a shoe seller. Now, the keyword “shoes” is big…too big. Even if you blogged for years you probably wouldn’t be able to compete for that term. Look at your shoe business and find something you can differentiate yourself with. Are you the largest shoe seller in the county? Do you make custom boots? This may seem trivial but it’s absolutely necessary if you want your blog to rank well in the search engines.
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02 2012

Is Local Google Places Right for My Business? 512-994-4SEO Is Local Google Places Right for My Business? In the business world today, especially Local Business, having a website isn’t enough. Local business has to incorporate Social Media SEO such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Local Google Places. call us today at 512-994-4SEO for a no cost consultation. Business owners can add their listings to Google, as well as edit or delete existing listings, by visiting Google Places. Business owners can specify a wide range of information regarding their business ( eg business category, photos, opening hours, description) and, in the US, even add printable coupons. New individual listings require verification via the phone, text message or a physical mailer. Google Places business listings are for businesses with physical locations and for those that serve a specific geographic area. contact us: Extreme Social Media 6100 W Parmer Ln Suite 370-109 Austin TX 78727 512-994-4736


12 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions