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How do I pay google to let my website rank top 10 in certain search results?

Question by Mac: How do I pay google to let my website rank top 10 in certain search results?
i.e , when people search “badmintin”, I want my site on top 10

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Answer by Charles R
For Advertisers: Google AdWords
Reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering. With AdWords cost-per-click pricing, it’s easy to control costs—and you only pay when people click on your ad.

But you don’t need to do that and it is not the most effective way. The most effective way is to put up pages that attract people to link to you. I host the Boston Sushi Society pages and many pages on travel or sports photos, restaurant reviews, etc and I get surprised all the time when I see how high I rank as an example:
s/w scsi engineer resume — #2 entry is my resume
NOC Symantec — #1 entry is one of my blog articles.
kernel tru64 solaris openbsd engineer — #1 is my resume
sushi cebu boston — #1 is my page for the Boston Sushi Society

I have never purchased any adwords or tried tricks like stuffing lots of unseen words in my web pages. I don’t have any fancy flash programs or obnoxious sounds . And the entire site was down for more than a year because of US problems with the site where my servers used to be located. When I was able to arrange new sites, I had to reconstruct most of my pages and probably lost a lot of the sites linking to me during that time. Each day you need to look at your access.log and search for “search?” you will see when google searches hit you. Use that info to build up your attractiveness. Look at your errors.log every day and see if people are hitting broken links.

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02 2013

Anatomy of aa Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Anatomy of aa Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
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01 2013

How much do Paid search results cost?

Question by Preston: How much do Paid search results cost?
Looking into cost-per-click or flat rate sponsored listings, but want an idea of cost? Are they effective over organic search results?

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Answer by Hanna
The answer is Yes! Organic listings take weeks and months to acheive good results, where as ppc is immediate traffic. If you connect the ad, the keyword and the landing page together with targeted traffic the profits can be enormous. If you find a winning campaign in cpc you can scale it to cpm and find tons of targeted traffic for cheap amounts of money.

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01 2013

what are the differences between paid and organic search results?

Question by poldee13: what are the differences between paid and organic search results?
how i can improve VoIp service to increase the conversion rate of prospects to customers.

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Answer by Green Glass
Organic search results are those that Google sees well optimized for a certain keyword. Obviously, this takes time to turn up on page 1.

Paid results however cuts down time if you’re bidding on keywords that are being actively searched for but aren’t that costly.

Use a combination of PPC and SEO to get your services known to searchers.

You can also try local advertising.

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12 2012

How To Dominate Search Engine Results?

Question by Erick L: How To Dominate Search Engine Results?
Hi guys i have a question how does one dominate a search engine results? just by doing it free without paying any money to adwords or any advertising company? How does one, top search engine results? How do they make their website top the no.1 on first page of google search engine?

Please Give Accurate Answers.
Thank you Guys

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Answer by ipodtouchaddict
You could try a googlebomb, Link a certain word to a certain url (a lot), like linking the word “SUCK” to the url “” and the web spyder will pick up to link that searched word to that url.

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09 2012

How to Measure SEO Results with Google Analytics

Learn how to track and measure your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts using web traffic data in Google Analytics. John Nicholson of DC SEO company Marketade walks you through a rigorous 5-step process. In addition to showing exactly *how* to do each step, John also explains the *why* behind those steps people most often skip. To keep things interesting, he uses website data and the Google Analytics account for Affinity Lab as his example. Read the companion article at
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09 2012

Even better search results: Getting to know Google search for education

Google makes it simple to find the information you need, but there are strategies for finding higher quality sources even more easily. Learn the basics of predictive search, a method for drawing on what you know about what you need to find it faster, including successful word choice and using the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to uncover information you never dreamed was possible. Presented October 7, 2011.
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09 2012

21 Tips to better search results on Google part 1

Part 2 – Atrix Marketing ( ) Video tutorial series. In this tutorial we learn how to search the internet like a pro. We go over the 21 tips that are outlined on our website ( http ) enjoy, Larry
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09 2012

SEO Results With Free Traffic Training Now Available At Profit Hub

Profit Hub ( Shares Results of the New SEO Free Traffic Training. Michael takes you on a quick tour of the success and results you can achieve with the strategies and techniques you will learn at Profit Hub. Find out how you can dominate your niche online and hold down the front page real estate on Google for your desired search terms. Check out more training and how to make more money on the internet at http


07 2012

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07 2012

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