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Web site by WordPress: Backup and Restore

Learn how to backup and restore your WordPress website. In this video I use FileZilla, phpMyAdmin, and my HostGator cPanel to back up a sub domain and restore that website to a completely different sub domain. It is important to backup and restore your website. YOu want to back it up incase it ever crashes. You need to restore it to test your backups.WordPress is a open source content management system (CMS) and popular blogging software. It typically requires Apache, MySQL, and PHP. I can run on other platforms as well such as IIS (Internet Information Services) and Microsoft SQL. It’s a great way to create a websites for people that don’t know how to create websites. FileZilla phpMyAdmin HostGator cPanel Providing training Videos since last Tuesday Thanks for Watching!
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02 2013

How do I restore my high Google rankings like I had (organic SEO)?

Question by egobuilders: How do I restore my high Google rankings like I had (organic SEO)?
Please spare me the sarcastic jokes… I appreciate any help anyone can offer… I had several organic SEO sites that were racing up the Google rankings. They started climbing from page 3 or 4 all the way up to the first page of search results in just a few weeks. Then, hoping to improve the rankings even more, I slightly modified the Titles, Meta tags and text on the sites, and Google immediately knocked all of the sites off of the search results and now they don’t come up at all, not even 50 pages into it! I didn’t “cheat” or do anything Google should have rejected. Please help! 🙂

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Answer by jerry b
I would recommend continuing your organic SEO activities. Keep focusing on new, good and original content for your site and getting links to your site and you will get back into google’s good graces.

I would also recommend signing in to the google webmaster, claiming your site, and seeing if it is being penalized for anything.
Also, I would take a close look at what tweaks you have made. It’s possible that some of them have been interpreted as spammy, and therefore your site is being punished.

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08 2011

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