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College Intern Improves Current Small Business Strategies By Researching Latest Industry Techniques is a website that shows business owners how they can hire interns to work for their company. This is the eighth video in a series that updates entrepreneurs and small business owners on the various tasks that an intern can do for them. Mike the Intern explains how he has been spending his weekdays reading about and following some of the latest SEO product launches to learn more about how they can improve their existing SEO efforts. Although the http social SEO efforts are currently on hold, Mike plans to present a report to Justin and Dreama that outlines everything they are doing now and how they can incorporate some of these new SEO techniques he has learned. This is one of the advantages of hiring college educated interns because they will take what you give them and build upon it and continuously improve their skills. Check out to learn how you can hire college educated interns to improve your current business strategies. At InternProfits, we provide entrepreneurs the tools and resources to find, hire and manage interns to help grow and expand their business while creating educational opportunities for tomorrow’s talent today. Discover how your small business can hire interns from universities all over the country. If you want to learn how you can quickly grow and expand your small business by utilizing the power of interns then head over to http to learn more.
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12 2011

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