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How do I pay google to let my website rank top 10 in certain search results?

Question by Mac: How do I pay google to let my website rank top 10 in certain search results?
i.e , when people search “badmintin”, I want my site on top 10

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Answer by Charles R
For Advertisers: Google AdWords
Reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering. With AdWords cost-per-click pricing, it’s easy to control costs—and you only pay when people click on your ad.

But you don’t need to do that and it is not the most effective way. The most effective way is to put up pages that attract people to link to you. I host the Boston Sushi Society pages and many pages on travel or sports photos, restaurant reviews, etc and I get surprised all the time when I see how high I rank as an example:
s/w scsi engineer resume — #2 entry is my resume
NOC Symantec — #1 entry is one of my blog articles.
kernel tru64 solaris openbsd engineer — #1 is my resume
sushi cebu boston — #1 is my page for the Boston Sushi Society

I have never purchased any adwords or tried tricks like stuffing lots of unseen words in my web pages. I don’t have any fancy flash programs or obnoxious sounds . And the entire site was down for more than a year because of US problems with the site where my servers used to be located. When I was able to arrange new sites, I had to reconstruct most of my pages and probably lost a lot of the sites linking to me during that time. Each day you need to look at your access.log and search for “search?” you will see when google searches hit you. Use that info to build up your attractiveness. Look at your errors.log every day and see if people are hitting broken links.

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02 2013

Can a page rank of a website jump 2 points?

Question by linda: Can a page rank of a website jump 2 points?
If a website currently has a page rank of let’s say 3, is it possible to have 5 after a google page rank update?

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Answer by sean
Yes.You factor in free traffic and PPC. Other websites linking to it. Also Web 2.0 links such as Digg social bookmarking, Facebook. And website SEO or optimization. All this matters on how a website ranks. Hope this helps.

Sean R.

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01 2013

How to Rank #1 on Google – By Matt Cutts

Funny mash up video of Matt Cutts giving advice on how to rank number 1 on Google search. Made by Sam Applegate of completely independent of Google. Using Google Webmaster Help videos by Matt Cutts.
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09 2012

Is having multiple domains display the same content considered black hat SEO or will it otherwise hurt rank?

Question by got answers?: Is having multiple domains display the same content considered black hat SEO or will it otherwise hurt rank?
Let’s say my name is Got Answers, and I’m in the chair selling business. I want as much organic SEO traffic as possible, in addition to my PPC traffic. I meet a lot of people around town, and of course, I have friends I’ve known a long time. My business card says gotanswers(dot)com on it b/c that’s my name and how they know me. On the other hand, people I don’t know who might be searching the web, might be more inclined to click on a link that says chairsalesman(dot)com and maybe even if I live in Boise Idaho I might want one that says chairsalesmanboise(dot)com . I have the same webpage I just want to upload it to several different domains to increase exposure and marketing. I’ve been reading Google Webmaster topics and can’t decide if this will help, hurt, or have no impact on my organic results.

What do you think? I figure it will at worst have no impact, I’m not really trying to trick the search engines, I’m just trying to make myself marketable to people I know, people I just met, people I’ve never met, etc.. and various urls might play better with different people..

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Answer by albert v
I suggest you use the service of , is the best service that you can find free on the internet to take traffic on your site.

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08 2012

Youtube SEO – How to do SEO for Youtube Videos and Rank #1

Youtube SEO. Learn more at (get free video training and ebooks) Learn how to do SEO for your Youtube Videos and rank your youtube videos number one. If you do youtube SEO right, you should also rank on the first page of google as well as the first page of youtube. Once you rank #1 you can start making money with your videos with google adsense or selling an affiliate product.
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07 2012

Tips for On Page Optimization – Boost Rank SEO – Jacksonville Search Engine Optimization This is a quick video on some simple things you can do to improve your search engine rankings. Contact me at Boost Rank SEO is a Jacksonville based company that specializes in getting your company to the top of Google. We offer SEO, local SEO, online reputation management, and social media management. We are a leader for SEO in Jacksonville. 4503 Irvington Ave Jacksonville, Fl 32210 (904) 537-9940


06 2012

Rank your website on google | get strong backlinks Ever wanted to be on page 1 of google and have more business than you ever had before. If your website is lower than page 3 of google it may as well not exsist. Do you want 100 visitors per day or just a hand full of visitors per week click the blue link to find out more
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06 2012

Do you think that website marketing businesses can improve your websites rank in search engines?

Question by tim: Do you think that website marketing businesses can improve your websites rank in search engines?
Do not spam !!!! and keep within the terms and conditions of Yahoo please only give your accounts or experiences with these companies and if they genuinely worked. This is designed to genuinely help those starting up websites or people who want to increase traffic to their sites. Give honest recommendations and provide your own sources of knowledge so everybody can improve their understanding of seo. Thank you TIM

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Answer by memetrader
The short answer is that yes, some of them can. The problem is that of the 15k+ companies and individuals that claim to be able to improve your ranking only a handful fully understand SEO and emarketing. Employing just anyone is a waste of money and to show a return on investment you have to find the needle in the haystack.

Here are some basic questions you should ask a supplier of SEO services before making any decisions.

1. Ask for 5+ references and current clients and make sure you speak with all of them personally.

2. What type of reporting will they provide?

3. Do they offer Return On Investment (ROI) analysis?

4. Can they assure you that the optimization strategies and methods used will be ethical and hence guarantee no penalties for your website?

5. Do they place a link on their clients sites to their site? (You want a NO here!)

6. Ask to see a sample contract. Check that it says ‘what is’ and ‘what isn’t’ required on the clients part and details what they say they will do.

7. How many hours will they put into working on your site?

8. Make sure you will not be ‘ransomed’ if you decide not to use them any more at some stage.

9. Do they outsource any of the work? (You want a NO here!)

10. What results can you expect and over what time scales?

Of course a good supplier of these services will not be cheap and it may be that your budget does not allow you employ anyone good to do the SEO for you. In that case don’t employ any of the other 99.9% of unskilled SEOs and throw your money away, do the SEO yourself!

If you do it yourself you must be prepared to put in a lot of time and hard work because there is no easy rout to the top. A good place to start is by finding a few top quality sites as a source of information, like this one for example

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06 2012

Google Maps Marketing – Learn How Rank Well Within Google Map’s 7-Pack Learn how to Get Your Business On Page 1 of Google Without Even Having a Website by Understanding How to Use Google Maps as a Weapon to Out Rank ALL Your Local Competition In this FREE course you will learn how to use Google Maps as a weapon to drive loads of consistent leads and new customers to your local business.
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05 2012

Metatag & Search Engine Optimization VS Rank Popularity ???

Question by lollol: Metatag & Search Engine Optimization VS Rank Popularity ???
Let’s say that a website who have the best web page script (seo friendly)

vs a website who have NO SEO code like metatag keyword..etc..
but the site is very popular and visited by lot’s of peoples because of (word of mouth marketing)

who will have the highest rank in search engine?
The first or the second??

Thank You!

Best answer:

Answer by Lukene
Google page rank has over 200 parameters to come up with the page rank and the search engine results.
let me give you an example:
it has many code errors
it does not have the right meta tags and the whole code is built of tables.
but it is very popular and has page rank 4 – go figure…

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05 2012

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