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how does Vista print and all the web base publishers make money if they do free business what is the catch ?

Question by Robots: how does Vista print and all the web base publishers make money if they do free business what is the catch ?
If they are making money base on the what they charge does that means the traditional publishing companies are ripping people off base on how much they charge for printing business cards.

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Answer by imisidro
Vistaprint offers free business cards — and achieves two things with the strategy:

1 – they use the lure of free business cards so you can try out their service and hopefully purchase their paid items

2 – they market their business through you, because their name is printed at the back of every free business card. So the more you give your cards away, the more people will know that Vistaprint is a place to get free cards

It is possible that a significant percentage of free business card users come back again to Vistaprint and purchase the paid versions so as not to have any advertising on their cards. Vistaprint views their free business card giveaway as a marketing expense.

This strategy — giving away basic services for free and charging for premium products or services — is a business model used by other companies such as Skype and even the Korean social networking site Cyworld where membership is free but page embellishments such as background scenes and other graphics to decorate the site are fee based

It’s just like giving you a free taste of what it’s like — and when you like it, they start to earn money from you

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03 2013

Digital Services For Publishers

Digital Services For Publishers
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We offer a range of digital services to publishers and authors including social media campaigns, other digital marketing activities, eBook conversion, mobile app development, website development, digital strategy consultancy and basically anything else to do with digital for publishers.

Our digital marketing services for publishers and authors give the opportunity to target readers directly rather than relying on traditional marketing activities and book shop promotions. These services include social media campaigns, SEO, PPC and email marketing. As targeting readers directly become more and more relevant to the publishing industry we are spending a significant amount of time working on these activities for publishers and authors and we have been highly successful at them.

Digital product development is becoming increasingly important as more users expect to be able to download content as and when they need it. We offer digital product services to publishers to help you take your content effectively into the online and mobile arena. Services include eBook conversion and mobile app development.

We also offer web design and development. Our team are experts at developing a range of different types of websites. We work with publishers and authors on their corporate websites, e-commerce websites and websites for imprints and individual books.

We wrap up all these offerings into the ‘whole digital solution’ which offers our clients the opportunity to develop all areas of their digital strategy to increase revenues and exposure.

If you’re not really sure where to start with the whole ‘digital’ thing then we offer digital strategy consultancy, start by just picking our brains for free to get an idea of our thoughts on developing your digital strategy. Just contact us for further information.


01 2013

O’Reilly Webcast: Social Media for Publishers

Chris Brogan shares strategies and tactics for putting the web’s most popular social media tools to work in ways that will make a difference. Positioned “for publishers,” the advice given in this webcast will actually benefit any organization that has an online presence. This is part of the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) series of webcasts.


11 2012

The HOTH 2.0 – Best SEO Link Building Service for Agencies & Publishers

The HOTH is the first aggressive, scalable, long-term SEO linkbuilding service for Agencies, Publishers and Institutions. It let’s you focus on the parts of your business where you create the most value, and relax while we take care of your link-building headache at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Our clients resell The HOTH for 100-700% ROI without blinking an eye. More so, The HOTH is the only link building service that offers enterprise quality, American based support that agencies with picky clients and tight deadlines can depend on. All backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The HOTH currently powers the link building efforts of numerous marketing agencies, publishers and marketers across the world. Industry legend, Eli Aliosi, author of, has called The HOTH “one of the two-best services of its kind” and SEO Maven, Guerilla, co-creator of the Drip Feed Blasts SEO service, has said that with The HOTH delivers double the value of other link building services he’s used in the past. We hope that by the end of this video you’re convinced that The HOTH is the solution for your linkbuilding needs as well.
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04 2012

Advertisers and Publishers cutting deals

Advertisers and Publishers cutting deals
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11 2011

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