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09 2012

Which is better for SEO and Niche? Promotion, Promotions, Promo, or Marketing?

Question by : Which is better for SEO and Niche? Promotion, Promotions, Promo, or Marketing?
I want to register a domain name, the website is for promote your social media and stuff. So i will merge your choice with my own word, i mean “Promo… + My Word .com” or “My Word + Promo… .com”

Best answer:

Answer by Zivile
It depends on the word you have chosen. Use Google Keyword Tool: to look which keyword gets more searches and choose a domain by this.
Also do not forget to select only “Exact” match searches.

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09 2012

I would like to promote my business site? Is there any SEO service that provides free website promotion? Help!?

Question by : I would like to promote my business site? Is there any SEO service that provides free website promotion? Help!?

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Answer by selva
You can use to promote your website

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08 2012

5 Secret Music Promotion strategies

5 Music Promotion strategies. from Combining viral, web 2.0 marketing with aggressive gorilla marketing, Music Promotion 4 U evens the playing field for the Independent Artist. Affordable, practical music promotion & online marketing strategies indie musicians can sink their teeth into. Working with artists as well as independent record labels to find real fans & convert them into customers.


07 2012

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07 2012

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06 2012

SEO or Business Promotion Scheme Needed?

Question by odds_olds: SEO or Business Promotion Scheme Needed?
I am giving product sample for free in my website. So, it should be a lot easier to get attracted and manage SEO for my site.
I need a distant partner to help me out with this.
Drop me a mail and I will give you details.
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do have absolute unique selling position. It is a piece offree genuine ruby which people are buying in eBay and have to pay S/H US$ 10.00. But my website is simply giving away free. No gimmick, no obligation to buy.

Best answer:

Answer by ~e~
In all the years I have helped businesses market online, I have never seen such a relationship work, unless the two parties were good friends, and even then it was rare. Including all the times I have tried it, or others tried it with me. When you hire someone, responsibility and accountability can exist.

If you are not considering pay-per-click as a viable short term launch strategy, as well as a long term strategy, your competition will, meaning you will find it difficult to survive in the long run, unless you have an absolute unique selling point, that is well protected (very rare).

I suggest doing the SEO yourself (if you’re not into hiring someone), especially since the freebie aspect should make it easy. Find communities that have an interest, and get those that are most vocal in them to communicate your message (which they will do for free because they like what you are offering).

And no, this is not a pitch to hire me. I am unavailable for additional work.

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05 2012

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04 2012

Promotion of website?

Question by candy: Promotion of website?
I have two domains of my company . one is & as i am from india the second one is

Our site as already hosted on web. Now! my company want to launch a new website.

I am quite confused in case of world wide promition (as our product have a very good demand outside of India) which domain can serve me better.

Otherwise any site can be open anywhere, but my opnion is if we launch as we will get most of the responses from india only as the said domain will be more popular/ familiar / more result orianted in Indian Search Engines only.

IS I AM WRITE? Plese help which domain will be more useful for worldwide promition.

Best answer:

Answer by dont s
of course better than

go ahead and choose .com only


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04 2012

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