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80-Hour Financial Modeling Training Program

80-Hour Financial Modeling Training Program
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Investment Banking and Private Equity Training

Corporate, University, General, and Individual Programs

Locations in New York City, Sao Paulo, London, Dubai, and Tokyo

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We provide on-site and on-line financial training; for working professionals,
students, and people in career transition with a special interest in the field
of investment banking, private equity, or corporate finance. Our on-line courses
offer the same exact content provided in our classes held at our physical locations
around the world. For more information, on how to register for any of our courses,
including our flagship 80-hour training program, please call the location nearest


We offer a wide selection of investment and financial training designed for
Associate Level (Post-MBA) and Analyst Level (Pre-MBA) professionals and candidates
in the field of private equity, mezzanine finance, venture capital, and hedge
fund investing; in addition to investment banking and corporate finance. Depending
on the level of professional experience, time commitment, and financial resources
of each and every individual, we provide various alternatives for individuals
interested in participating in one or more, of our preparatory courses (basic,
intermediate, and advanced). Our training programs are offered at different
intervals throughout the academic and calendar year. These classes are taught
by some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and respected professionals
in the investment community, who lend their personal time to teaching others
the art and science behind principal investing, while helping them achieve
their maximum career potential. To provide a real sense of the complexity and
depth of our training program, a graduate level (MBA), or college level (Bachelor’s)
course, is equivalent to nearly 100 hours of lecture time if enrolled in a
3.0 credit course at an accredited college or university (3 hours per class
x 2 meetings per week x 16 weeks per semester = 96 hours in total). As a result,
we firmly believe that anything less than 80 hours of live classroom participation
is simply a waste of time, money, and energy; which is the reason why we offer
the longest and most sophisticated training program available today on Wall
Street, covering all aspects of the investment process from beginning to end;
including deal sourcing and fund raising, financial modeling and valuation
analysis, in addition to portfolio management and asset monetization. As an
example, we try to emphasize that when it comes to making an informed investment
decision, we do not merely provide our students with a so called spreadsheet
“template” or “shell” in order to conduct their financial analysis, but rather,
we perform all financial analysis by building our financial models entirely
from scratch; by utilizing the most relevant lookup, financial, statistical,
reference, and mathematical functions in MS Excel (50 different commands in
total). In this respect, most experts would agree that, it is imperative for
the student of finance to have ample time to learn, process, and apply this
newly acquired knowledge and information, before ever aiming to become a successful
professional, or even a fund manager. Below we have provided a selected list
of topics covered in our classes, but for more information, we encourage everyone
to visit our website:

Course Curriculum: | Class


¦ Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet (Historical & Projected Figures)

¦ Sources & Uses of Funds (Pro-Forma Adjustments, Internal and External Financing)

¦ Debt Analysis (Senior Debt, Subordinated Debt, Mezzanine Debt and Convertible

¦ Equity Analysis (Preferred Equity, Convertible Preferred Equity, Common Stock

¦ Cash Flow Sweep Analysis (Scheduled & Non-Scheduled Capital & Funding Obligations)

¦ Working Capital & Non-Capex Related Investments (Current & Non-Current Accounts)

¦ Capex Investments and D&A Schedule (Tangible & Intangible Book/Tax Capitalization)

¦ Debt Pricing Matrix (IRR Optimization for Convertible and Non-Convertible

¦ Equity Pricing Matrix (IRR Optimization for Convertible and Non-Convertible

¦ IRR Analysis (Fees, Interest, Principal, Warrants, Payouts, Dividends and
Exit Valuation)


¦ Purchase Price Analysis (Enterprise & Equity Valuation)

¦ Market Multiple Valuation (Current Valuation Estimates)

¦ Transaction Multiple Valuation (Historical Valuation Estimates)

¦ Free Cash Flow Valuation (Exit Multiple & Perpetuity Growth Method)

¦ Net Asset & Book Valuation (Tangible Value and Liquidation Scenario)

¦ MarketCapitalizationRange (IPO Price and Current Market Valuation)

¦ Other Valuation Methodologies (15 Alternative Methods for Equity Valuation)

¦ Control Premium Determination and Break-Even Earnings & Ability-to-Pay Analysis

¦ Accretion/Dilution Analysis (PF Cash & Non-Cash Adjustments & Earnings Estimates)

¦ Ownership & Share Analysis (Common and Preferred, Basic and Fully-Diluted

¦ Equity Valuation & Pricing Matrix (Statistical Range also known as the “Football

GENERAL TOPICS (Financial Modeling)

¦ Financial Statement Analysis (10-K, 10-Q, Annual, Semiannual and Interim

¦ Statistical Analysis (LTM, LQA, Calendarized, Annualized and Projected Estimates)

¦ Ratio Analysis (Leverage, Coverage, Valuation and Performance Analysis)

¦ Operating Analysis (Growth, Margin, Multiple and Dollar Figure Analysis)

¦ Weighted Average Cost of Capital (Debt, Equity and Preferred Structures)

¦ Weighted Average Cost of Debt (Pre-Tax and After Tax Cost of Debt Calculation)

¦ Tax Analysis (Cash Taxes, Deferred Taxes, NOL Calculation & Deductible Expenses)

¦ Sensitivity & Case Scenario Analysis (Operating, Financial and Strategic

¦ Stub-Period Calculation (Partial Fiscal/Calendar Year Estimate of Financial

¦ Industry Drivers (Consumer, Transportation, Industrials, Utilities, Media
and Healthcare)

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The Leading
Financial and Investment Training Firm in the World (Since 1998)


06 2012

I visit spider web marketing website. but I can’t understood how it work. How can I earn through this program?

Question by Jkumar O: I visit spider web marketing website. but I can’t understood how it work. How can I earn through this program?
Respected Sir/madam
I am college student. I want to earn money through spider web marking system or other affiliate marketing system. Please give the detail about that. I visit spider web marketing website and other like ,Wozzapower ,Commission junction, but I can’t understood how it work. How can I earn through this program? How that company benefit with my job? Please give me the solution for that problem.
my mail id

Best answer:

Answer by Michael R
I too am a student so i see the desire to obtain the financial freedom while you study. The spider web system may seem complicated at first but i’d say once you know others who know it too it makes life easier.

Come along and join me i’ll help you out along the way

oh yeah i have this awesome mentor and did i mention it’s free

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06 2012

Who is a better email program, search engine, who is safer, who is an overall better company???????????????

Question by yellowspot99: Who is a better email program, search engine, who is safer, who is an overall better company???????????????
I want to know who I should set up my email account with, and who I should use as my search engine??

Best answer:

Answer by rtfm
Google is the only search engine worth using.

When you say “e-mail program”, are you asking about what type of software to use, or are you asking about what free e-mail service you should use? If the former, you’ll find some people who swear by Thunderbird and others who are equally fanatic about Eudora. (I’m a Thunderbird guy, myself.) If the latter, gmail is the only free mail service that’s taken at all seriously by professionals.

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04 2012

Recommendations for a great SEO program?

Question by Adviser: Recommendations for a great SEO program?
I’m trying to find a highly efficient and reputable SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) for my website. I’d like to improve traffic flow and customers. I’m tired of the marketing schemes that purposely mislead buyers. Are there any software programs that have proven results for increasing web traffic? If so, what are they?

I know the tools provided by Google are effective, but I need a program that goes in-depth and tells me which pages need fixing, which keywords are effective, etc. I’ve researched SEO Suite and IBP, but those also came with negative views.

Software with a consensus on its reliability would be greatly appreciated. If it works, then cost isn’t a factor.

Best answer:

Answer by skulldyvan
How about just making relevant content that readers want instead of forgetting what a pronoun is and filling your paragraphs with keywords? Then try to promote the site via your facebook, twitter etc.

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04 2012

SEO, I’m clueless. Is there a software program that I can buy, or company I can pay for decent results?

Question by dfasf d: SEO, I’m clueless. Is there a software program that I can buy, or company I can pay for decent results?
Business is decent, but time-consuming. Paid search advertising is producing solid results, but I don’t have the time to put into SEO. ALL of my keywords are VERY specific. I wholesale, so all of my keyword phrases include wholesale at the beginning of the phrase, so I only want customers that are searching for “wholesale widgets”. What are good, solid software programs or companies I can pay to rank me high on google when my specific key phrases are searched?
Oh, I’ve tried google adwords, but my keyword phrases are too limited, and google wants $ 5 per click to list my ads….yes, the ads are well written, consise, and descriptive.

I’m ideally looking to pay a couple of hundred bucks on the front end
As far as great content, my site is basically pics of the products I wholesale, and a pricelist (not a lot of text).

For links, I’ve posted up a lot of links in craigslist.

Best answer:

Answer by everythingmontreal

They can put together a comprehensive program for you that used adwords, overture and other relevant ppc sites. Plus they can take care of all your linking needs which in turn can help your ranking.

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03 2012

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02 2012

web site promotion program – expert come?

Question by Moon blue: web site promotion program – expert come?
Is it possible to write a ‘web site promotion program” – for example, the program will search those PCs using a search engine, and once the users type particular search words, the program will open my web site on that particular PC.

Best answer:

Answer by Rina S
That is called browser plugin , yahoo, google already has it .

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01 2012

Kalpesh Sharma proves LIVE on AIR by modifying program of the Electronic Voting Machine

Kalpesh Sharma proves LIVE on AIR by modifying the EVM program as how 100 million peoples were cheated in India in the recent Indian voting process. LIVE on air on sahara samay in the presence of technical experts, legal experts, star media personnels and millions of public. Wake up now and come into action. comedy acting casting audition director producer production telefilm serial direction casting director cast kalpesh sharma shubhlabh technologies online marketing seo, sem, smo internet advertising web designing web development hacking expert hacker IT Security evm bjp electronic voting machine rss vhp elections election commission in india evm bjp political news sangh parivar rss vhp advani vajpayee narendra modi exclusive breaking voting voters machines cheating with indian citizens tampering


12 2011

Looking for an SEO program to monitor my websites?

Question by Burton G: Looking for an SEO program to monitor my websites?
looking for a piece of software (free or purchase) to analyze and report on about 100 company web sites. (we have a number of individual programs that do these items, but its tedious doing all the work of entering domain names and getting reports)

software would:

1. most important, would allow us to enter domain names to be analyzed in a list, and then get reports on some frequency, such as bi weekly or monthly. would be nice if it emailed reports all in one package, or even individually, and or held them for us to vide and/or print
2. keyword rankings in specified search engines
3. Missing titles, desc. metatags, keywords, alt tags
4. text relevancy between text on page and desc metatags and keywords and title
5. report on broken links
6. #links, outgoing, internal, and backlinks if possible (or as shown by google)
7. page rank
8. if possible, a “score” for the site. this would likely just be indicative of the optimization and visibility for the site, but would help isolate issues and/or sites needing work.
9. indexed page count on google

Any advice on a program would be greatly appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by Metapilot
WebCEO will accomplish these things for you (except for the pagerank report) . There may be other programs that will, as well, but I know for a fact that WebCEO is a serious workhorse for serious SEO professionals. Here at Metapilot, we’ve owned a license for their professional version for years and use it on almost a daily basis. Schedule automatic keyword ranking reports, SEO reports and executive summary, reports on broken links and indexed pages–all on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis on an unlimited number of domains. The reports can be emailed in html, .mht, .xls, csv formats, viewed online , and/or viewed directly via the software itself. It does a lot more, too.

If you’d prefer not to spend the money and you can have a third party 🙂 run the reports for you and brand them with your company name and logo so it looks like they were all done in-house.

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12 2011


Hello everyone, my name is Alex from the city of angels, well listen I just bought the product for search engine optimization, & i dont know how to work it, or how to manage the program. my website’s name is and I want it to basically get more traffic on my site! I fabricate Fences gates windowbars, hand rails, swing gates, etc. if any one has a clue on how to work SEO ELITE please help me out, i’ll pay you!

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
I would suggest that you ask SEO elite helpdesk. Brad Callen is a brilliant guy and I’ve bought his other elite products. I’m sure his team is more than happy to help you as they will not want you to exercise the money back guarantee 🙂

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11 2011

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