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Can someone answer this, why has medicare turned down more claims than any private insurance company?

Question by imnoangel512: Can someone answer this, why has medicare turned down more claims than any private insurance company?
Obama has portrayed the insurance companies as evil but yet gave existing government run plans a pass. Can we expect anything better from what they are trying to do now? At least with the private plans, you can find another company; you won’t have any choice with the government.

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Answer by Disco Stu – The Footlong
Medicare is the worst “insurance company” in the country. Ask ANYONE who works in the healthcare field who actually deals with insurance. It is overrun with fraud, waste, and they pay below market on many procedures.

Many providers don’t participate in medicare because it is such a hassle to do so.

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11 2012

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05 2012

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03 2011

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