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Can a page rank of a website jump 2 points?

Question by linda: Can a page rank of a website jump 2 points?
If a website currently has a page rank of let’s say 3, is it possible to have 5 after a google page rank update?

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Answer by sean
Yes.You factor in free traffic and PPC. Other websites linking to it. Also Web 2.0 links such as Digg social bookmarking, Facebook. And website SEO or optimization. All this matters on how a website ranks. Hope this helps.

Sean R.

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01 2013

i need points! can someone please sign up on this link for my element search and win?

Question by : i need points! can someone please sign up on this link for my element search and win?
element search and win is a element skateboarding company search engine and u get points by searching through it. once u get ebough point u can order element decks,wheels, trucks, grip tape, rails, ollie bars, hats, accessories ect! please sign up on this link to give me sum points and u get 30-50 points 4 just signing up!

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Answer by alaczameow
hmmm no

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09 2012

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01 2012

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08 2011

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