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How to Rank on Google for Longtail Phrases ( – In this video BigCommerce co-founder Mitchell Harper shares a strategy you can use to get ranked on the front page of Google for longtail phrases and keywords. A longtail keyword is one which receives fewer searches but is infinitely more targeted and has better context. For example, “shoes” is a broad keyword and when someone searches for shoes they could mean basketball shoes, womens red dress shoes, etc. However if someone searches for “ladies red casual shoes”, this is a longtail phrase. It’s very targeted and specific, and although it gets fewer searches it’s easier to rank for. In this video you’ll learn how to search for and rank for long tail keywords on Google and other search engines.
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01 2012

5 Minute Marketing Series: SEO and Keyword Phrases

Find out if your web site has been maximized for organic placement in the Search Engines for ALL the pages of your site. Learn steps to check your site live online! By: Lisa Kolb Acorn Internet Services, Inc.
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12 2011

How to select search phrases for your SEO campaign

How you can select your keywords for your seo campaign. How to select good search phrases for your online advertising. How you can select such search terms which are frequently searched in Google. Google adwords keyword tool tutorial by RiG SEO services.


06 2011

How much does SEO usually cost and how long should it take to get on page 1 for competitive phrases?

Question by Cliff Debenedetto: How much does SEO usually cost and how long should it take to get on page 1 for competitive phrases?
My domain/website is 3 months old. Our website is currently on page 7 of Google for a keyword phrase that gets about 74,000 local searches. Also, what is a reasonable amount to be paying for quality SEO services?


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Answer by Villa Swap
SEO is a natural process.It takes a lot of efforts from the optimizer to get the website right at the top of the page.
It normally takes 3 to 4 months to get you website to the 3 or 2 page from the 7 th page and then further 2 to 3 months to get it to the first page atleast….SEO can be done at as low as 20,000 INR or 500 USD but I believe that will be basic ERY BASIC SEO.For you to get the result and your optimizer to get some interest 1000 USD to 1200USD every month for 6 months should be good.

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04 2011

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