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Make the Web Fast: Measuring Performance with Google Analytics Site Speed Reports

How well does your site perform? Are the slow pages affecting your conversation rates or driving away potential visitors and clients? In this perfcast, we will talk with Justin Cutroni and Ilya Grigorik about the new “real user measurement” (RUM) capabilities available in Google Analytics: we will discuss how the data is collected, what it means, and take a deep dive into some of the advanced use cases of how you can leverage this data within Google Analytics.
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02 2013

Google I/O 2012 – High Performance HTML5

For years we built web apps that far outpaced the capabilities of the browsers they ran in. Just as the browsers were catching up HTML5 came on the scene – video and audio, canvas, SVG, app cache, localStorage, @font-face, and more. Now the browsers are racing to stay ahead of the wave that’s building as developers adopt these new capabilities. Is your HTML5 app going to ride the wave or be dashed on the rocks leaving users stranded? Learn which HTML5 features to seek out and which to avoid when it comes to building fast HTML5 web apps. This session will be live captioned.
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10 2012

SWTOR Video Tip of the Day #12: Improve Game FPS and Performance

Today Ashral shows you 3 tips in improving your SWTOR Game FPS and Performance. ***NOTE*** These tips will NOT help everyone, but it may help some of you! Want more TOR? Visit us at: http Also visit my Twitch.TV Live stream at
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05 2012

“SEO Performance Marketing”

“SEO Performance Marketing”
seo search engine marketing
Image by SESConferenceSeries
A large audience listens and takes notes at a session entitled "SEO Performance Marketing" on day 1 of SES New York 2010. The session is lead by Seth Besmertnik and Richard Zwicky.


04 2012

How can I track my ads and PPC campaign performance?

Question by nayya_paar: How can I track my ads and PPC campaign performance?
I a using for individual tracking. the visitros that have visited from PPC or adsense have a gclid with the page url.

How can I find which adin my campaign , the user clicked??
How can I track ads performance with Google analytics

can I decode this gclid??

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Answer by Avdhut S
Use Google’s conversion tracking, for more info see the source below:

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03 2012

Result producing SEO tips to improve the performance of websites please………?

Question by ce: Result producing SEO tips to improve the performance of websites please………?

Best answer:

Answer by eww
Here are my tips:

1) Create you site for your target audience – not the search engines. The more people like your site, the greater it will perform in the SE’s – naturally

2) Provide a lot of good, quality content on your pages. This will keep people interested and give the SE’s something to “read” for ranking purposes

3) Do extensive research for your key words and phrases. Incorporate these keywords in the content, but don’t over do it.

4) Incorporate your keywords into each page’s unique Title tag.

5) Have good architecture and navigation

6) Have one-way links to your site – this is where other sites think you site is of value to their visitors, therefore they put a link to your site within their content.

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02 2012

How to Evaluate Your website performance/ SEO Services in Lo

How to Evaluate Your website performance. And where to find help doing SEO in the Los Angeles area.


01 2012

Seo Yim Shin Flute Solo Performance

I had a privilege to perform as a featured soloist with Cascade Youth Symphony at Benaroya Hall on November 19th 2011. I played The Carnival of Venice Varitions by Giulio Briccialdi. It was an amazing experience and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Seo Yim Shin (who also goes by Selina), who is currently a senior in King’s High School, came to the US as an international student in 2007 and is a student of Bonnie Blanchard. Seo Yim won 3rd Place in the Horsfall Competition lower division in 2009, 1st Place in Simon-Fiset Competition in 2011, participated in All-State and Seattle Young Artist, and is currently a principal flute in Cascade Youth Symphony.
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01 2012

Evaluating Website Performance!

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11 2011

Overinvestment and the operating performance of SEO firms.(seasoned equity offerings )(Report): An article from: Financial Management


11 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions