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Looking for a distant partner in e-commerce biz.?

Question by odds_olds: Looking for a distant partner in e-commerce biz.?
I am looking for a distant partner for my e-business. I am selling gemstones and jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand.She/he should be great in international market penetration via internet – search engine obtimization. Will work on profit sharing.
Teera T.

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Answer by Vijay R
mail me with more details at
i m from India

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04 2012

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03 2012

Google’s First Certified Advertising Partner Post by Zagham – Morning with Farah interview with Mudassar Saeed Khan, a young online marketing professional from Islamabad, has become Google’s first certified advertising partner in Pakistan — a prestigious international status in the field of global internet marketing. Earlier, there was no individual or company in Pakistan with this status. The Google™ Adwords Certified Partner status is awarded by Google™ (world’s number one search engine) to an individual or company which has individually passed a minimum of two Google certification exams or have an employee who has passed this exam illustrating practical expertise in managing accounts. In addition to this, individual or company must have managed at least a US 000 advertising spend over 90 days period. This specialized status gives an individual or company international recognition and demonstrates in-depth knowledge and command over using Google’s advertising platform “Adwords”. By now, there was no Google Adwords Certified Partner in Pakistan. In October last year 28 years old Mudassar, became individually qualified by passing google certification exams. Today he has become Pakistan’s first and only Google Adwords certified partner in the country. In India there are 21 certified partners whereas there are hundreds of them globally. Now as Pakistan has also got one Google certified advertising partner, it will help the local IT industry in the field of Internet Marketing. This can foster local online advertising
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03 2012

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11 2011

MOTOROLA, IBM PARTNER TO HELP AUTOMAKERS PUT WIRELESS WEB ON THE ROAD.(Company Business and Marketing): An article from: EDP Weekly’s IT Monitor

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09 2011

Horizon Marketing Group Partner Reseller Program

The Horizon Marketing Group Reseller Partner Program helps other agencies to cultivate client relationships through the delivery of value-added services. Our custom approach to this reseller program includes services that range from Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, ePR, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Design/Build (Application Development), and Lead Management.


08 2011

Are there any companies that will partner with a software developer to market a custom software application?

Question by zac: Are there any companies that will partner with a software developer to market a custom software application?
I have a software package that I have been marketing for over 9 years online. I use adwords and search engine optimization. My sales are good but I want to take them to the next level. I know that there are advertising agencies out there, however, they charge high fees even if they do not help you sell an products. I am looking for a company that will partner with me.

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Answer by Benjamin
more then likely they will just want to buy the rights to your software and market it as theirs

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07 2011

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06 2011

Orbital Alliance, a Web Strategy Company, is Proud to be Named an Official Solution Partner for MODX, an SEO-Friendly …

Orbital Alliance, a Web Strategy Company, is Proud to be Named an Official Solution Partner for MODX, an SEO-Friendly …
Orbital Alliance is proud to be part of the initial group of Official MODX Solution Partners, being recognized as leaders in the development, deployment, and support of websites built in MODX and establishing a commitment to providing the utmost service to their clients. (PRWeb March 17, 2011) Read the full story at …
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Choosing The Right SEO Company In Miami May Enhance Your Business In Ways You Have Never Imagined
There are literally tons of SEO companies out there that can help produce online visibility that can potentially boost your business.
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03 2011

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