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How much do Paid search results cost?

Question by Preston: How much do Paid search results cost?
Looking into cost-per-click or flat rate sponsored listings, but want an idea of cost? Are they effective over organic search results?

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Answer by Hanna
The answer is Yes! Organic listings take weeks and months to acheive good results, where as ppc is immediate traffic. If you connect the ad, the keyword and the landing page together with targeted traffic the profits can be enormous. If you find a winning campaign in cpc you can scale it to cpm and find tons of targeted traffic for cheap amounts of money.

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01 2013

What is paid higher? a graphic artist job or a web developer job or a software developer job?

Question by cherry: What is paid higher? a graphic artist job or a web developer job or a software developer job?
i want specific answers. let us say they both graduated in the same school, both have good grades and both entered the same company. now which job is paid higher?

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Answer by Blackcompe
Software developer is the 3rd highest paid college graduate degree. Web developer would most likely be considered software development. And, graphic designer , would most likely make less, initially.

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12 2012

what are the differences between paid and organic search results?

Question by poldee13: what are the differences between paid and organic search results?
how i can improve VoIp service to increase the conversion rate of prospects to customers.

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Answer by Green Glass
Organic search results are those that Google sees well optimized for a certain keyword. Obviously, this takes time to turn up on page 1.

Paid results however cuts down time if you’re bidding on keywords that are being actively searched for but aren’t that costly.

Use a combination of PPC and SEO to get your services known to searchers.

You can also try local advertising.

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12 2012

If a company hires a person to manage and update their webpage,find clients, how much should they get paid?

Question by lsanc83: If a company hires a person to manage and update their webpage,find clients, how much should they get paid?
The company is a bar/restaurant. A small company. The responsibilities would involve sending emails, managing their webpage, updating the webpage, updating if there are special events, posting pictures, looking for clients. How much should the person charge? The person has no certificate but has a lot of experience due to hobby.

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Answer by Stefanie
It would depend on the skill and ability level. I have a college degree and I do web copywriting, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, and promotions, and I typically charge $ 150/hour or more. Given that you don’t really describe everything in a professional way, I’m guessing you may not have a ton of experience, and you should probably charge somewhere in the $ 20-30/hour range if this is your first real client. Do your best there, and keep learning. There are thousands of pages online that can teach you more about what you’re doing so you can get to the point where you can charge more each hour.

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11 2012

how much do web startup company employees get paid or compensation.?

Question by iwahla1: how much do web startup company employees get paid or compensation.?
im doing research paper on web startup companies. i need to know how much web start up companies generall pay there new employees for diff positions such as web developer, server admin, marketing admin or whatever positions generally are involved. and what other perks do they generally get. thanks in advance.

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Answer by jueyanz
Often, if they’re considered founders, they get paid nothing. Wages are usually paid in stock, which has little market value in the illiquid market..

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04 2012

PPC Best Practices: 10 Secrets for Paid Search Campaigns – Learn 10 secrets Fathom SEO uses when running Paid Search campaigns. From refining keyword lists and A/B testing to tracking software and landing page creation, we show you PPC best practices. Fathom SEO’s Joe Soltis explains PPC best practices to improve your paid search campaigns. To learn more about Fathom SEO’s Paid Search services, visit
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02 2012

Promote Events with Paid Search Campaigns – Video from Apogee Search

Vivian Chang, a Paid Search Consultant at Apogee Search, provides some information and tips on how to use paid search campaigns for promoting events. Visit for more search engine marketing resources. Check out the Apogee Search Marketing Blog for video updates and to learn more about search engine marketing, http Don’t forget that you can watch this video in high quality by clicking the “HQ” button on the bottom right of the video player.


12 2011

PPC & Other Paid Search Advertising Integrated Internet Marketing Part 3—PPC & Paid Search Advertising Louise Rijk, VP of Marketing & Sales at Advanced Media Productions, explains the role and function of PPC (pay-per-click) and other forms of online and paid search advertising.
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12 2011

Yum Yum! Does Paid Search Cannibalize Organic Search?

As marketers look for new ways to cut costs and increase their ROI, they are also rethinking the true value of SEO and PPC. Many marketers are asking the question: “Why pay for clicks when I have a top Organic position and get these clicks for free?” while others are wondering: “If my PPC campaign is doing well, why should I do SEO?” The question you should be asking is “How do PPC and SEO work together?” As you may have guessed, PPC does take some clicks that otherwise would have gone to SEO, a process known as cannibalization. Despite this phenomenon, PPC and SEO yield many benefits when used together. IMPAQT recently used our analytics capabilities to determine the exact benefit of using PPC and SEO. Chrissy Lynn, Search Account Manager, and Jessica Clark, Senior Decision Support Analyst, discuss our analytical approach to help a retail client use PPC and SEO together to show that PPC drove incremental orders and additional revenue over and above SEO orders.


11 2011

Paid Ads Free Review-DON’T Buy Paid Ads Free! Click Link To Left for a Program That Actually Works Paid Ads Free|Paid Ads Free Review|Paid Ads Free Software|Paid Ads Free Review|Does Paid Ads Free Really Work?Honest Paid Ads Free Review before you Buy Paid Ads Free or Download There is an old quote that says, “The best things in life are free” paid ads free. While the original intention of the quote was probably a loftier one, it will appeal greatly to all those who want to advertise online. The number of sites for online advertising is as vast as the internet itself but every advertiser wants the same thing for his ads; visibility. For this purpose the advertiser has to decide on the type of advertisement and also the website, which will be ultimately responsible for promotion his advertisement receives. Online advertisements are of different types and the advertiser has to choose the one best suited for his product and the target. The most commonly identifiable one is the Search Engine Results Page. The list of web pages displayed in response to a search query will have a link above the Organic list (pages appearing according to relevance of the search) which looks like the list except for font and background color for differentiation. Alternatively the advertisement may be placed to the right of the page like a classified one. Another equally identifiable and more visually pleasing form is the Banner Advertisement. They are placed on webpages in the form of pictures, animation and videos with or
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11 2011

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