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Webacom News: Episode 1 – Google Local Business Center (Overview and Tips for SEO)

Google Local Business Center will enable a business to be ranked in Google Maps for a local market. A great service to help your search, SEO, and overall marketing and advertising goals. Contact Webacom today for further information and account setup options (866-376-4240).


11 2012

Quick overview about 7 Figure Marketing School. What you thing about this project?

Question by JiriMajkus: Quick overview about 7 Figure Marketing School. What you thing about this project?
I want to give you a quick overview about 7 Figure Marketing School and I want to know what you thing about this project?

The system in this school is very simple, but powerfull:

1) You learn about Internet Marketing – How to Advertise.
The founder of 7 Figure Marketing School Vick Strizheus is an expert in
Internet Marketing (especially for low cost marketing) and He also invites the Internet Marketers from different ways of marketing to webinars where
is step by step coaching. From pay-per-clik to Solo-ad, twitter, you tube marketing, SEO, article marketing, free marketing and much more… So you can start building your income even if you don´t have a lot of money. This is pretty awesome.
I have to say that these Internet Marketers reveal us their secret. Vick arrange this for us and all members are very gratefull for that. If you want to learn how to market you have to learn from people who are successfull. From people who are making money on internet. This is very important to understand. Because what was working 6 month ago not working now. We have the fresh informations about Internet Marketing.

2) This is the most exiting. Every wendsday is a webinar about mindset.
These webinars are led by Jeremy Brown. He is a business partner of Bob Proctor. (I thing you know him from the movie Secret). Jeremy also invites the best sucessfull coaches on this planet. I can name John Asarraf, Dani Johnson, Dell Daniels, Dr.Ellie Drake, Gregory Drake, Paul Martinelli….
I have to say that how to do internet marketing is one think (very important) but without proper mindset is very difficult to be successfull. Vick pays these guys for us so we can make a huge advance in all areas in our life. Of course the main goal is making money. For example one hour of coaching from Paul Martinelli is worth $ 5000. Look at his website and call and ask for yourself this is not a joke. Remember that job of these people is making successfull stories. Very very important.
I am in school for 3 weeks and I made a huge advance in marketing method. It is awesome, but I made a really huge advance in my personal life also, because these mindset webinars are very very awesome and powerfull.

3) The last think is that you can promote the 7 Figure Marketing School.
Vick set up the system in such a way that I can´t believe it. Potencial of income is unbelievable. If you know how to promote and you have a proper mindset the success is guarantee….
You can make a residual income $ 50,000 per month in first 6 month and this is really really possible…

I really recommend to check the website and read carefully before you answer. Take the time. This project is for people who are not satisfied with they results in online business. I will guarantee you that you will be blown away just I was.

Wish you the best.

Wait for your answer.
Thank you….

Jiri Majkus

Best answer:

Answer by maxell jones

You are absolutely correct.

The 7 Figure Marketing School is EXPLODING…

This is the ground floor and 1000’s of people are
joining because they see what we have here.

I have been a member from the beginning
and what I can say are my results have

This the ONLY thing and I repeat ONLY
SYSTEM online that has ever brought
home the CASH…


And it’s so easy… BRAIN DEAD simple.

If you want more info about my experience
or you want to contact me
go here:

~~> <~~

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09 2012

Content Marketing Overview Videos – Using Content to Drive Traffic and Leads

Content Marketing Overview Videos – Using Content to Drive Traffic and Leads We have fifteen years of success helping businesses generate incremental revenue, leads, traffic and engagement – by creating high quality web sites with great content and then implementing a unique social media strategy and SEO campaign that help your business connect and engage with targeted social consumers or other businesses. Our empirical data indicates approximately 20-25% of web site traffic is generated via social media marketing and it impacts 20-30% of search engine ranking as well. We know how to cost-effectively leverage SEO and social media marketing to generate incremental traffic for your business. Our focus is on building a long term relationship with your business, brand and company — we hope the first project will be the start of a long productive journey. Please visit our SEO Services, Web Site Design, Video Marketing or Social Media Marketing Pages to get a finite grasp of what we charge and how we can help you grow your business! And/or reach out via our Contact Us page — we’d love to connect! Please Connect with our Social Media Accounts: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Linked Media Group’s Video Channel: Twitter Marketing Tips: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Account: How to Update and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Advanced
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08 2012

10MJT 09-07-12 joomla1.6 a first overview

In this issue of 10MJT I’ll be taking you for a tour of the administration site in Joomla 1.6 alpha release. 10 Minute Joomla! Tips is a weekly Screencastabout the Joomla! CMS, Web Design, HTML & CSS, SEO, Accessibility, best practices and Web Business in General. 10MJT is brought to you by and Hosted by Marco Conti, Chief Developer and owner. is a US Based Web Agency specializing in building world class custom web sites in Joomla!, Virtuemart, WordPress and Drupal. also offers Joomla!, Web Design, and Web Technologies training, SEO and web marketing services.
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08 2012

SEO SpyGlass Backlink Checker Software Overview to X-Ray Your Competition SEO SpyGlass is an extremely powerful competition research tool designed to let you see EXACTLY how your competitors got to the top in Google, Bing or Yahoo! search engines.


04 2012

LooMingMa Search EngineWork Introduction and Overview

LooMingMa Search EngineWork Introduction and Overview
search engine company
Image by loomingy1
LooMingMa Search EngineWork Introduction and Overview: This picture is the main page of the LooMingMa Search EngineWork website, which is based on Mr. Luming Marr’s vision of a future business model of a search engine company and is not existent at this time. There are three kinds of searches, the first one is similar to that of the common search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN bing. The second and the third searches are for members only. Here are the highlights: 1. The Search EngineWork applies evaluation filters and virtual catalysts to each webpage/website being searched and assigns scores in 28 categories, it then displays the results in the order based on the user profile, so users could get the results they really want on page 1 on the screen and the advertisers could pin-point the real potential customers on the result pages. The users could use different profiles or fill in the level selections of the 28 categories screen to change the display order or to filter the search results. 2. Free Profile Membership: After setting up a free membership account, the user could set up personal profile for search and could also set up unlimited search profiles (a profile expired in 21 days after last use) and could store the search results up to 20 pages to keep for up to 14 days within the assigned maximum storage space or to email the search results to themselves or other email addresses. 3. Privileged Membership: For or 600 Search Points a month, one could join as a Privileged member. Each time they do a search and open at least three links from the results, they earn one Search Point. They could use the Search Points to pay for the monthly membership fee and other charges and privileges. All the functions and benefits described below are for the Privileged members. 4. Added Sources: We actively create our own sources in every imaginable subjects and contract public and private institutions and persons to include their data into the Added Sources. Our Added Sources cannot be searched by any other search engine and, depending on the value and effort of the source, it is either free or a fee is charged for a time period. Members could use Search Points to pay for the fees. 5. Subscription Sources: We will include sources which are only accessible by subscribed people as our subscription sources. We will even persuade the owners of such sources to move their operations into our organization to reduce their operation costs. They will get paid when our members use their sources for search, data entry or operate business, investing, academic and other functions. 6. Special Services: We offer many services to meet the demands of the members. Some of the services are free and others are fee-based per time period, per project, per objective or just one fee for lifetime. For example, when a student needs to write a report for a school assignment, he or she could sign up with the Report & Exam special service, an online tutor would be assigned, the student work with the tutor to search and use the results and our report template to build the report. The student needs to pay for a fee or a certain amount of the Search Point for this service. 7. Search Clubs: Based on the words and phrases put in for the searches and the frequency being used, we assign the members into different Search Clubs as candidates. To really join the clubs, the member needs to use the Search Points to register to get in. Each club has different number of the Search Points as registration fee. To be the president, chief administrator and treasurer of the club, the member needs to have certain minimum balance of the Search Points in their accounts and they need to maintain that minimum balance as long as they serve as the club officials. Inside each club, which are composed of members who have similar interest based on their search habit, members could conduct group or one-to-one chatting, discussion, review of the topics or the products, such as a book, a film or a speech. Members could also sell, buy and auction the stuff they have or want to have within the club. Commercial advertisers or club members can also put ads in those clubs. 8. Special Interest Club, Social Clubs and Charity Clubs: Members could organize clubs, such as a shopping coupon club, use our templates to design the website for that club and conduct different events for the club members. A Monitor is assigned by us to each club to be the liaison between each club and our company. 9. Company clubs: We will organize different clubs and members could join for free. These clubs include a Search Point Exchange Club: To sell, buy and auction of the Search Points; Advertisers Feedback Club: Members discuss the design and effectiveness of different ads and the products and services offered by those ads. Advertisers will come in the club to hold special discussion sessions for their ads and products. The Search and Match Club: We will send a list to each member regularly for the members who have similar interests and tastes for each category based on their search habits and club attending activities. Group and one-to-one communication channels will be provided for them to discuss and nurture their mutual interests. Charity Clubs and Volunteer Clubs: Members could join these clubs to participate charity and volunteer work. We will also request special help from certain members based on their specialties and professions recorded in their profiles and their search patterns and club experience. For example, we will set up the “We Search and Help Global Effort Club” to have search teams and volunteers go over all places in the world to find good causes and people or organization which need help and provide our assistance through our members’ contribution. Contest Club: Different subjects are posted for the club members to compete, such as a baby photo contest. Monitors and Tutors Club: Only open to the members which are assigned as monitors and tutors. 10. Other sites and events operated by the company: Member Shopping Mall: Offer special discounts to members, group discounts to member groups and club discounts to members of special clubs. Member Store: members could use money or Search Points to buy caps, cups, key-chains, T-shirts, etc. printed with the company logo. Annual Members Field Trips and Conventions: Members will participate these events and meet face-to-face with their club members and friends. 11. On the main page, the company offers a daily promotion each day, so member would check the website on a daily basis. Please note that this is only an idea for a new business model, the service feasibility and marketability research have not been conducted. If this idea or any name, term, symbol, logo, phrase, graphic design, character, product and sentence used in this picture and the caption is similar to or is the same with any others being described or recorded in public or private records, it is purely coincidental. This picture is designed and created by Luming Marr on July 26, 2010 and is part of the LooMingMa Creative Adventure album.


04 2012

NJ SEO – Link Building Overview- White-board Tuesday 12-27-11 Coffy Group

Another Episode of the Coffy Group NJ SEO – Link Building Overview- White-board Tuesday 12-27-11 Coffy Group, enjoy, more at


03 2012

Responsive Web Design – Part 1 – Overview

How to create a Responsive Web Site Part 1 – Overview Responz
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02 2012

Google Panda 2.2 Overview

Did your website get slapped down during the Google Panda 2.2 update? If so this 15 minute video is an overview of the latest Panda update along with SEO tips so you can get your site back to the top of the SERPs.
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01 2012

SIMS 141 – Overview of How Search Engines Work

Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business. The World Wide Web brings much of the world’s knowledge into the reach of nearly everyone with a computer and an internet connection. The availability of huge quantities of information at our fingertips is transforming government, business, and many other aspects of society. Topics include search advertising and auctions, search and privacy, search ranking, internationalization, anti-spam efforts, local search, peer-to-peer search, and search of blogs and online communities. The Instructor, Dr. Marti Hearst, is an associate professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley, with an affiliate appointment in the Computer Science Division. The UC…
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11 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions