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Why does this search engine delete a question from this site that only asked?

Question by madmilker: Why does this search engine delete a question from this site that only asked?
Is Wal-Mart with the “star” in the name a “short” play on Wall Street?
It didn’t ask why they took the “hyphen” from the name and replaced it with a big “single” star! If this is an American Company (search engine) maybe there is more to what’s wrong with America than a few short plays and kicking a CEO in the a!! for not letting free speech run its course.
People think better when they have something to think about not when they think about something to delete off of a search engine board that don’t have a thing to do with showing no respect to an American Company that sells cheap crap.

Best answer:

Answer by Gurney
Yes. I see it now.

The men in black will be visiting your house.


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08 2012

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06 2012

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06 2012

Web Design Initial Advertising and Marketing Material Help. Please experienced person only….?

Question by webdesign and programming expert: Web Design Initial Advertising and Marketing Material Help. Please experienced person only….?

We’re a new web design company and we’re on a very tight budget. We can only afford $ 2000 for initial marketing material and advertising. Here are some of our ideas. Could you please help with your experience which methods works and which methods doesn’t? And how should we allocate the $ 2000 that we have? Please bring new ideas if you have other method that works!

And what type of business have the most potential for webdesign and web development services?

Email Marketing – $ .25 per email
Direct mail by Postcard – $ .55 per postcard
Yahoo Yellow Pages – $ 125/month
Yahoo Local – $ 10/month
Pay Per Click – $ 1+ per click
Business Card (5000) – $ 100
Brochures (5000) – $ 550
Folder (2500) – $ 1430
Postcard (5000) – $ 330
Large Postcard (2500) – $ 390
Calendar (300) – $ 360
Bumper Sticker (500) – $ 800
Laptop Bags – $ 335

Best answer:

Answer by imisidro
As a web design company, more than other marketing campaigns, the best way to get new clients is to have an impressive portfolio to show them. Perhaps you can work for a discounted fee or even pro bono for some friends or close associates, just to have a portfolio of work to show.

What I see lacking in your list are press releases. Press releases have different uses: they can alert traditional media of your new business (and hopefully get talked about by the media — which means you have to have a new spin or how different are you from the other web design firms). Press releases are also among the EASIEST way to get one way inbound links, and thereby helping you rank in the search engines. PRWeb can send your release and get it through Yahoo and Google News for minimum of $ 80

The calendar, bumper stickers, laptop bags — I’m not sure those are the most effective means of getting clients to your business especially considering that you have a tight budget.

One important marketing tool you are forgetting is networking. Networking allows you to meet people, other business people who may be interested to rework their websites or create websites. Join organizations and business associations in your area — and budget for membership fees, if any. Talk about your business to them, and they may even refer you to other people who needs your services. Consider joining BNI (Business Network Int’l.) which is a “business and professional networking organization that offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, referrals.” Chambers of commerce can also be a good source of referrals.

I would focus more on local marketing, but carefully carefully track your ROI. Yahoo Yellow pages is pricey – so check if it is actually bringing you traffic and customers.

Email marketing where you purchase an email for $ 0.25 cents is not a good idea. You will basically be spamming people, buying email lists yet these people may not have agreed or wanted to receive YOUR email. Be careful in using this approach as the last thing you want your business to be called is a spammer.

I know that you are just starting, but web designers often find greater success if they offer services beyond web designing. Diversify your services to include copywriting, search engine optimization, handling pay per clicks, or even just site maintenance.

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05 2012

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02 2012

Can a PPC (CPC) company I hired only do organic search listings?

Question by habblie: Can a PPC (CPC) company I hired only do organic search listings?
I hired a company to handle my search marketing. I was informed that the money I paid them would be used to pay my PPC advertsing, and that I didn’t pay a service fee. They said they make their money by receiving PPC discounts from Google and Yahoo, so they keep the excess. However, I just looked through my website statistics and have noticed that not a single paid click has directed traffic to my site. ONLY organic (unpaid) clicks. Is this legal? I have paid them for PPC and they aren’t doing it.

Please be informed on this type of advertising before answering. I need knowledgeable information as we are considering legal action.

And yes, I will be contacting them as well. I just need some input right now.

NorthRock….thank you. That was very informative. I did not see anything in the paperwork stating one way or another. It is a phonebook company and the contract is the same as one they would use for a phonebook ad, so it says nothing specifically about SEO or PPC. Only that we signed up for internet search marketing.

I know I got screwed and that I should have been more careful. The company is a big name and the rep we worked with came from a referral. So I let my guard down.

Now I’m trying to figure out if I have any recourse.

So in regards to what you were saying….even though over 6 months I have 5 paid clicks, I can’t prove that they didn’t do this intentionally? Isn’t it obvious? Would a judge not see that this is not just the result of no guarantee, but fraud? 5 paid clicks versus roughly 2800 nonpaid ones seems very obvious to me…

Best answer:

Answer by NorthRockSEO
So you paid for what, setting up a PPC campaign or marketing your PPC campaign? Did they guarantee you that x amount of people would use the PPC options or not? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. I am currently helping a client with the same issue however, as with a lot of people, he did not thoroughly read the fine print. What ended up happening was that he got sucked into some company that did the exact same thing yours did. They took his money to setup PPC ads, with the pretense that they would help generate traffic. Well the PPC ads are up but no traffic is coming from them, only organic searches. However once the fine print has been read there was not “Guarantee” that any of the ads were going to be clicked on rather the company very plainly detailed that they were simply there to setup up his PPC campaign and in no way did they guarantee people would follow the PPC ads.

You really need to see EXACTLY what their services supposedly offered. If it does guarantee a certain percentage of traffice from ads, which I have not previously encountered, then by all means you may have recourse for legal action. However I doubt this is the case.

Best of luck.

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12 2011

When I use yahoo search engine I always get redirected to advertising . Should I only use GOOGLE it gets me th?

Question by R. Ski: When I use yahoo search engine I always get redirected to advertising . Should I only use GOOGLE it gets me th?

Should I only use GOOGLE to get me my answers ?

Best answer:

Answer by J V
Google’s not much better.

You need to run an anti malware scan or system restore.

You may have spyware lurking in yr registry?

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10 2011

What is the best SEO software? Why? Please share personal experiences only. WebPosition 4? Web CEO 7.0? etc?

Question by D W: What is the best SEO software? Why? Please share personal experiences only. WebPosition 4? Web CEO 7.0? etc?
I need to know before I buy something. I am an intermediate level developer who has some built sites (macromedia) and some template sites.

Best answer:

Answer by memetrader
>What is the best SEO software?

The best SEO software is located between your ears and is called the brain.

SEO software is snake oil for naive site owners and should be avoided by anyone with an IQ over 100 because you can do it yourself far better.

There are only two up to date, free, high quality tutorials that tell you how to do SEO properly:

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09 2011

What is the best SEO company to use for a small construction business? (No credit cards)monthly billing only?

Question by aNewBorNbeLieF@37: What is the best SEO company to use for a small construction business? (No credit cards)monthly billing only?
credit cards) Monthly billing only.

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09 2011

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08 2011

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