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Offline Marketers Should Use Strategic Laziness to Grow Their Business – Offline marketing is a great business if you know how to focus on doing the right things. That’s what Strategic Laziness is all about – getting the greatest results from the effort you are putting into building your local offline marketing business. http


08 2012

Offline Marketing Pricing for Profits – Offline Marketing can be quite profitable, but only if you know how to price your services right. Unfortunately, most Offline Marketers are pricing their services with no clear strategy in mind.http
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07 2012

Online and Offline Marketing Integration A Strategic Approach to Integrated Marketing Part 3— Integrated Advertising Using TV and Social Media Explanation of how to use search and television advertising together, as well as the offline influence on online advertising and how to integrate social media by Louise Rijk, VP of Marketing & Sales at Advanced Media Productions.
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06 2012

Offline Marketing – Local SEO – Client Story – Offline marketing software and free training for internet marketers looking to get started in the offline niche.


04 2012

Bullet Proof WordPress Offline Lead Generation Review

Bullet Proof WordPress Review


02 2012

Introduction To Making Money With Offline Marketing and Consulting

Go to My FREE Video Series Reveals How To Earn 6 Figures Doing Simple Online Marketing For Local Businesses Table of Contents Video 1 – Introduction Understand why offline marketing is such a great business model, even in the current bad economic climate. See what you will learn in this program. Video 2 – Doing Business Offline Learn what is it like to do business offline. Understand how offline marketing differs from marketing online and how to quickly adapt to this new market Video 3 – What Do They Want? Understand what offline companies are looking from you. Learn 6 things every offline company is desperate to have Video 4 – Monetization Methods Learn the many different ways to monetize your offline business. And see how your knowledge will turn into dollars. Video 5 – Getting Business Learn what it takes to get business offline. And what you need to do in order to get companies eating out of your hand. Video 6 – Simple Business Model See a simple business model you can use to make money offline which works incredibly well in any market. Let me share with you one of my sample videos (in the quality you will receive them – notice they are a good size and very easy to see what is going on – not some postage stamp sized grainy video) Video 7 – Offline Niche Marketing Discover two powerfully effective techniques which can get companies literally biting your arm off for you to do business with them. Video 8 – Offline Marketing Method Learn a simple


10 2011

Offline Expert : Discover The Proven Strategy For Generating 6-Figure Paychecks, From A Massive, Untapped Goldmine!

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07 2011

Get More Customers!: Easy Online Techniques for Your Offline Business

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07 2011

The Attribution Management Forum 2.0: Part 3 Social Media, Offline Ads, and SEO

The Attribution Management Forum 2.0, which took place on January 29, 2009, was the second installment in the Forum series. As in the first Forum, audience members were presented with Purchase Paths and then given the opportunity to interactively vote on what they believed to be the best attribution rule. Topics in the second Forum were based on user generated content and feedback from the first Forum. Some of the discussions included: time sensitive attribution, product sensitive attribution, and search/display interaction. This is the third video in the 2.0 series and covers Offline Ads, SEO, and Social Media. For more information, please visit and check the site for in-depth analysis of the results and registration for the Attribution Management Forum 3.0, which will take place in Spring 2009.
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06 2011

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